Kidney Health – What you Need to Know

The year 2023 is the year of the rabbit. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals. They symbolize mercy, elegance, and beauty. People born in the year of the rabbit tend to be calm and peaceful.  They avoid fighting and arguing. The Lunar New Year […]

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Why Whole Body Sequence Shiatsu Anma Therapy has Multidimensional Benefits

Why Whole Body Sequence Shiatsu Anma Therapy has Multidimensional Benefits      First of all, when I was studying acupuncture in Tokyo, I used to often make house calls. It was like ordering pizza for delivery. You didn’t have to be rich to request a house call for Shiatsu Anma therapy. Shiatsu therapists visited their […]

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The 10 Reasons Why Shiatsu & Anma Therapy Should be Recommended to Acupunturists

1. Many Japanese acupuncturists practice bodywork, Anma ( meridian massage), Japanese Shiatsu, pressure therapy, and many different kinds of Kyousei-Ho (Japanese style chiropractic manipulation) along with Acupuncture therapy. These therapists are taking care of their patients independently without acupuncture. This is how the Japanese Acupuncture School structures its curriculum based on the government’s definition. These powerful […]

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“The Worst Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

A young office manager for an optometry office was referred to me after being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by her physician. When she came in, she explained that her pain was in both wrists and she had to wear braces on both to work. Through tears she explained that every night she would wake […]

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6th Golden Gate – Spiritual Practice

Meditation, prayers, affirmation, and chanting with faith nurtures and strengthens our soul, like medicinal food. Spiritual practice is the sixth golden gate for a miraculous, happy and healthy life.  An old Japanese proverb reveals the ancient wisdom of spiritual practice as a counter measure to prevent illness, “Yamai wa ki kara” which means, “Sickness comes from one’s spirit”. […]

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“Fibromyalgia Treatment When All Else Failed”

A young woman came into the office with a diagnosis from her MD of Fibromyalgia. She had, for the past two years gone through extensive treatments and test, but nothing helped. In fact, she brought and gave me a copy of all the treatments she had gone through. There were so many pages she stapled […]

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Menstrual & Gynecological Issues

Menstrual & Gynecological Issues: A Healthy Lifestyle Defines your Happy Cycles If you have any menstrual or gynecological issues, try these recommendations to see improvement. 1. You are what you eata. Whole grain: wheat, brown rice, oats, quinoa Vit.E & Zinc, Magnesium, Vit.B6   Whole grain: rice, barley, corn, rye, millet, buckwheat, oats, amaranth Vit.B12 b. Vegetables: […]

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November Newsletter

Prayers for the Holiday Season: Time to Strengthen our Faith Healing  Since we are nearing the celebration time for Jesus’s birthday, I want to share my interpretation from a Buddhist perspective of what this time means. Figuratively speaking, we are reborn every single day. Every day is our birthday. Jesus Christ healed and saved countless people […]

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May Newsletter – Continue Improving Your Immune System

Hello! The question for you is, What are you learning out of this pandemic? How to ZOOM in and ZOOM out? Hahaha! Are you able to show up in a timely manner with a shining face in each meeting? Are you gaining the confidence to overcome this pandemic? As some of you may have heard me say, there […]

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March AOBTA “Connect & Learn”

In March I gave a presentation at the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia’s (AOBTA) Monthly Connect and Learn series with the topic, Healing at Home with Family. This is the right time and the right subject. Everyone is under stress, and there is a need to know how to develop effective stress management […]

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Start the new year learning whole body energetic balancing! Registration is now open!
Learn one of the most effective healing modalities, Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Therapy. An integration of both a Japanese & ancient Chinese modality, each class will cover different parts of the body with a review from the previous classes.
🍁Who is this class for?
*Lay people
*Massage Therapists
*Physical Therapists
*Occupational Therapists
🍁Students will learn
*The sequence of the DoAnn Long Form section by section
*To identify 12 meridians and 100 pressure points
*3 basic techniques and 7 additional techniques
*Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Anma theory and practice
🍁January 9-11 & 23-25
9am-6pm, Pacific Standard Time
Online through Zoom and in person location to be announced
Early Bird: Until December 23, $435
($15 off), after December 23, $450,
Individual class $80
🍁Register at this link: