My friends, first of all, let’s start by exploring the Lifetime Risk of Developing Cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, around 40.5 percent of both men and women will receive a cancer diagnosis at some stage in their lives, based on data from 2017–2019. 

Other sources reported that the likelihood of developing cancer from birth to death is roughly equivalent to one out of every four individuals, with both men and women facing similar levels of risk In Japan, it has been said that two out of every three individuals are affected by cancer, with one out of every three succumbing to the disease. (Tanigawa, 2015).

However, my friends, we do not have to be fearful, but vigilant with ourselves, our people, communities and the world. Education is key in empowering us to prevent this disease effectively. 

I will be presenting cancer prevention and management information in the upcoming newsletters so please stay tuned. Keep an eye out for each presentation, which will cover different aspects of cancer which I’ve listed below. You will be able to find them within our Newsletter section on our homepage.

  1. The typical western medical principle for cancer treatment and 4 standard  cancer treatments based on the Somatic Mutation Component of Genetic Influences introduced by American biologist, Dr. Robert Weinberg.
  2. The angiogenesis system inhibiting treatment to stop cancer growth 
  3. Holistic care approaches to the energetic system based on western science in The World of Dr. Otto Warburg  1883 – 1970, Germany. 
  4.  Three successors of Dr. Otto Warburg:  Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Toru Abo, Dr. Thomas Seyfried and their importance
  5. The role of mitochondria to prevent and manage cancer growth 
  6. Holistic care approaches to the energetic system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist medicine, Hindu Medicine and Quantum Medicine. 
  7. Dr. Kaneko’s Healing Paradigm  
  8. Dr Kaneko’s Healing Modalities  
  9. A Healthy Lifestyle 
  10. Dr. Kaneko’s medicinal foods based on the 5 elements of TCM

    These are the subjects I want to cover in coming newsletters with other timely topics such as Japanese traditional cultural events, case studies, and pressure points. So please look out for my future newsletters.


Tanigawa, Keishiki. When I Heard the Word Cancer. President, 2015. 

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