The year 2023 is the year of the rabbit. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals. They symbolize mercy, elegance, and beauty. People born in the year of the rabbit tend to be calm and peaceful.  They avoid fighting and arguing.

The Lunar New Year begins on January 23, 2023 and the change in energy from the dynamic Tiger year of 2022 to the gentle Rabbit year will be big. In Chinese astrology, the zodiac moves into one of 5 elements and next year will be the Year of the Water Rabbit. The Yin Water element stands for sensitivity, intuition, and, in its best manifestation, the path to inner tranquility. After the energetic Year of the Tiger, the Water Rabbit Year should be a time of rest and reflection. In Chinese philosophy, the rabbit is also a symbol of patience. Therefore, having the patience to act until the right time in 2023 should bring you lots of luck!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year 2023!

With love, peace, and unconditional happiness,

Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko
Teacher. Healer.
Founder, Kaneko Healing Arts

It is winter time, which in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) means a time to focus on the kidneys my friends. You want to keep your kidneys healthy now, not later. When the energy of Yang in the summer reaches the maximum, it turns to the opposite as we go into Winter, the Yin energy. This is the constant change between the summer and the winter.  TCM information on the kidney was the most significant topic in my Immune Boosting seminar.

I explained how the Kidney’s energetic system is extremely important to boost our immune system. I introduced my healing paradigm, and modalities including, qigong, Daoyin (self-care based on vital points, dry brushing, exercises, and breathing), Liandan, (pelvic floor exercises including body shaking exercises), hot and cold water immersion, swimming, interval running, medicinal foods, and eating habits including fasting. The kidney holds prenatal energy which is a genetic factor and defines our life span. According to TCM, a man’s Qi has major changes every 8 years while the woman’s Qi goes through changes every 7 years, which refers to our growth hormone activities.

 A healthy kidney promises a long healthy life which means that we need to take care of our kidneys as master organs of Yin, (Water of Yin) to keep up our well-being. Yes, these Yin major organs, the heart, lungs, kidney, liver, and pancreas, hold key factors for good health. But when kidneys are weak, your quality of life diminishes, and health problems can spread to the rest of the systems including the brain. The acupuncture point called Tanden in the lower abdomen is said to be the source of longevity, and it is functionally connected to the kidney. I call it the root of the kidney.

In this newsletter, let’s discuss the normal function and dysfunction of the kidneys in western medicine. We need to prevent kidney diseases like chronic kidney degenerating issues. I have talked about our ultimate health in my healing paradigm.  I clearly stated that we are what we eat, we are what we digest, we are what we act upon, and now I am ready to add we are what we eliminate. We eat, digest, and eliminate the food and drinks we have. But when you have constipation or sluggishness in the intestine,  you can have terrible consequences. This happens even amongst the younger generation. I will cover how to keep your intestine healthy at another time.

Kidney issues can often happen among the older population and when you are diagnosed with Kidney disease, you are often in the late stages and the worst scenario is Kidney dialysis. As we age, we accumulate all sorts of toxicities due to poor, unhealthy eating and drinking habits, a toxic environment, and stress. The longer we live, the more we have these toxicities. It damages not only the kidney but the intestine, liver, pancreas, and heart. Thus you can suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, brain degeneration, and weakness.

We need to raise the question of how to strengthen the kidneys by eliminating toxic waste within our system. The kidney filters the blood but toxic blood created from unhealthy food and drinks weaken the kidney function and a weak kidney causes poor cleansing function. This is identical to the liver function. When the liver is too weak to clean up toxicities, the kidneys have to work harder, which puts more burden on the kidneys. At the same time, weak kidneys burden the liver. This is another vicious cycle. Therefore we need to build up healthy kidneys by all means.

In this issue, in addition to my original writing based on TCM theory and application,  I would like to refer to excellent information by doctors such as Dr. Zenji Makita, a Japanese diabetes specialist, and developer of the world’s first blood AGE measurement method. I will go into AGEs later. But now, let’s update our information on how kidney function is now understood in modern physiology, pathology, assessment, and screening of kidney conditions. Most importantly let’s look at how to protect the kidney through a healthy diet and lifestyle in addition to my previous firm information about how to slow down aging and extend your lifespan based on TCM and modern nutrition.

1. Kidney

* Detoxifies waste products by removing them from the body as urine. The kidney filters the waste products in the blood through the glomerular filter.
* Balances the body’s fluids and constantly regulates the number of electrolytes such as salt
* Releases hormones that make blood that regulate blood pressure
* Produces an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones.
* Control the production of red blood cells.

2. Assessment

Getting an early assessment is a similar process as in a cancer case. We need to find kidney problems as early as possible by screening the kidney since it is often a silent organ and it may not show so many symptoms in the early stage

* Blood test :

-Serum creatinine test.
-Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test.
-Urine albumin test (Dr. Makita strongly recommends this test once a year to screen the kidney

* Urine test
* Kidney ultrasound
* Kidney biopsy

3. Pathology

* When the function of the kidneys weakens, harmful waste products generated in the body cannot be discharged out of the body; toxins and unnecessary substances accumulate. When the kidneys don’t work well you will increase the risk of renal failure or uremia.
* The function of the kidneys to excrete phosphorus is weakened. It has been reported that the mortality rate is 70% higher in people with high blood phosphorus levels than in people with low blood phosphorus levels. It becomes clear that it accelerates aging and affects the human lifespan.
* 8 Common Habits That May Harm Your Kidneys

 – Overusing Painkillers
– Eating Processed Foods
– Not Drinking Enough Water
– Missing Out on Sleep
– Eating Too Much Meat
– Eating Too Many Foods High in Sugar
– Smoking
– Drinking Alcohol in Excess

What is AGE?

* Advanced Glycation
* Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)

Modern diets are largely heat-processed and as a result, contain high levels of (AGEs). When you cook foods, the higher the temperature heat, the more AGE is produced. Raw foods have less AGE. Fried foods have the highest AGE. Please read more about diet remedy management in the next newsletter.

Dr. Zenji Makita warns against fast food and processed foods that cause toxins that are harmful to kidneys. He states the following:

* When chronic kidney disease develops, AGEs are produced, causing inflammation.
* Kidneys have an important lining to filter out waste products. When AGEs stick to the lining and causes inflammation, a small hole opens. It gradually leaks into the urine. As a result, chronic kidney disease leads to all kinds of diseases.
*  What are the 7 common causes of kidney failure? Conditions that can increase your risk of cute kidney failure include:

– Being hospitalized, especially for a serious condition that requires intensive care
– Advanced age
– Blockages in the blood vessels in your arms or legs (peripheral artery disease)
– Diabetes
– High blood pressure
– Heart failure
– Kidney diseases

4. Eating habits & fasting

* Drink enough water, but not during meals
* Appreciate food and water. Realize their power of healing
* Chew food well
* Hara Hachibunme (In Japanese it means, stop eating when your stomach is full, up to 80%)
* Don’t eat right before sleeping
* Perform light exercises after dinner like, “goldfish shaking”
* Pray before meals
* Fast

Fasting is a powerful traditional remedy practiced widely throughout the world. Intermittent fasting is getting popular throughout the world because the body’s survival mechanism is turned on by calorie restriction. This natural evolutionary stress turns on a primal response that increases a cell’s defense (against toxins, free radicals) to attack free radicals and increase cellular repair.

Fasting has the potential to stall progressive damage at the cellular level as seen in degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and neuro-based illness. Through short-term fasting conditions, we send signals that could slow down apoptosis, or cell death.

This is a breakthrough when it comes to anti-aging, as obviously the longer we keep our cells and organs functioning properly, then the longer we are able to live.

Google the miraculous healing power of autophagy. Everyone has this overwhelming natural healing power that is activated when fasting.

Stay tuned as we continue the topic of kidney health in the next Newsletter.

Makita, Z. (2021). The Strongest Detoxification Technique Taught by a Doctor. Tokyo, Japan: President.

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