Living between Heaven and Earth, birth and death, our life is a miracle for which we are grateful. Every day on our earth, we appreciate the sun as it rises in the morning. We appreciate the opportunity to engage with the challenges of life in a mindful and meaningful manner knowing that the gift of our life on earth is fleeting and temporary, even as our energetic life force emanates from eternal cosmic consciousness.  As above, so below, and so is the microcosm as the macrocosm, and human consciousness as God on earth.  And so do miracles prevail.

My faith in this eternal divine power, my affirmation of our life force while on this earth, and my devotion to the eternal cosmic consciousness guide my practice daily in my chanting and prayers, and in my deep and wholehearted appreciation of the miracle of life.  I have experienced myriad miracles since my birth.  Guided by wisdom and compassion, through my spiritual practice I have found the keys to comprehend and appreciate the precious miracle of life.  I believe that through spirituality I will continue to cultivate more miracles in every moment for eternal cosmic consciousness.

So that we may together enter into this healing paradigm, here I share seven levels of awareness of these precious miracles. These truths of the universe, life, and healing, I call the 7 golden gates.

The First Golden Gate

The first gate to open to take the journey towards the truths of the universe, life, and healing is the macrocosmic miracle. As far as my life is concerned, today I have been alive for 73 years.  This is the result of the first miracle I would like to discuss, which is the universal Miracle of the divine order of all the phenomena, which persists across space and time.  This macrocosmic miracle is nested within the eternal cosmos as well as our galaxy, our solar system, our earth and our DNA.  This divine order persists across time, from the Big Bang to our earth today.  Because of the miracle in the universe, our mother earth has survived and given all living creatures, including human beings, the miracle of life to live today.

Thank you for the divine universe.  Regardless of my personal efforts, the universe will persist into the distant future.  As in the past where there have been immeasurable mysteries beyond our scientific knowledge, so will these miracles bestow blessings of protection upon the earth.  Thus, may the seasons turn everlasting as the earth continues to orbit around the sun, the moon around the earth, and the sun to rise each morning. It is this miracle of the great universe that makes possible natural healing on earth.

The Second Golden Gate

The second miracle of the universe is in our living conscious DNA, a microcosm of the eternal life force. It is our wisdom, which is the trigger for enlightenment, therefore healing.  It is this miracle of the cosmic consciousness that results in the realization of peace, love, good health and unconditional happiness in individual life.

Although I have experienced and observed natural disaster such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, thunders, various sicknesses and accidents in my life, the divine super miraculous force gave me a chance to survive when other people could not. Similarly, societal disruptions force us to endure continual wars, terrorism, political, tribal and racial disputes.  These dangers and risks constantly threaten our opportunity for a peaceful, happy, and healthy long life.

On the individual level, it is wise to recognize the miracle of life and to express gratitude for the divine.  This I do in my Lotus Faith Healing medicine (Buddhist medicine) practice by giving prayers, learning and chanting the Lotus Sutra, helping others and helping communities, all of which affects my ancestral Karma (a cause and effect principle).  I recognize that I am here today because miracles are given to me whether I want them or not, and they allow me to be at the right place and at the right time.

Thus, I continue to survive.  The wisdom I learned from Lotus Faith Healing medicine is the trigger point for my enlightenment. This wisdom I gained was the mystic law of the universe that elucidates the fact that life reflects the continuities of the mystic law of the universe. And what is the mystic law of the universe?  It is the transformation of cause and effect.

Indeed, the Mystic Law of the universe is the realization and appreciation of the constant force of miracles from our inner microcosmic universe that brings peace, healing, good health and happiness to each individual life.  It is more than good luck.  It is the invisible and pre-scientific force called Karmic consciousness guided by wisdom. Pain and suffering which are inevitable, are not problems. The real problems are not having the wisdom to prevent, recognize, and heal disease.

The Third Golden Gate

The third miracle of the universe is compassion, which in turn allows for more miracles to happen in our life.  As a matter of fact, we cannot escape from the law of cause and effect, which is part of our lives.  When compassion is paired with wisdom, we can invite more miraculous and lasting wellbeing and prevention of sickness. It is when we have a lack of both that we become weak, susceptible to sickness and fast aging.

Those who have become great humanitarians enjoy the latter period of their lives as a consequence of the law of the universe. Those who are altruistic, are rewarded with longer lives according to the law of karmic consciousness in energetic medicine. Meanwhile, those who are selfish and materialistic forsake a true happiness. They often may be dealt short lives with much suffering.  However, what truly matters is not how long we live but how well we spend time with those close to us. Jesus Christ lived for only 33 years on this earth and yet produced astonishing miracles with his compassion to the world.

He left a legacy of forgiveness, love and peace over entire centuries. These topics are fundamental and very important for children since they are our tomorrow and we need to create a better future for our society. I believe in teaching parents and communities how to cultivate an individual’s innate healing abilities for health, happiness, peace, family unity, and the improvement of children’s lives. This  will allow each young life to be open for more miracles As people practice more compassion this helps open up each young life for more miracles.

The universe manifests their mystic forces in those people’s lives who have compassion. Although rewards for compassion may not be reaped in your lifetime, future generations will undoubtedly inherit the benefits. I want to believe that practice of our wisdom and compassion release blockages and allow miracles to happen in our personal life. This is an extreme example of the “psychic immunological system” which is genetic in basis. Elevating the  emotional, mental, and spiritual self with compassion, lifts your own healing power, as well as the protective qi, as an epigenetic factor.  Other potential factors or stimuli detected by the body that can influence gene expression can include stress management, healthy meals, exercise and a happy life.

The Fourth Golden Gate

The miracle of happiness and a healthy life emanates from the mystery of the great force of change within the universe and our life. This change is our Fourth Gate to open and to realize the miracles in our life. Like the four seasons, we need to maintain a divine order in the cycles of our life from morning to night, from spring to winter, every year. Irregular rhythms of daily life activities are tremendously hard for the body and sooner or later can create disease.

The old Taoist proverb states “Ryu sui sui fu bu,” which means, “The water which does not flow grows poisons.” Tao means divine order of the universe and Taoist medicine promises good health when you follow this harmonious pathway with its natural waves and rhythms. Similarly, another proverb from Zen Buddhism, “Gyo un ryu sui,” means the natural movement of the clouds transforming in the sky and water streaming into the river. In our life, it is interpreted as imperative to follow the change of nature, day to day, season to season, year to year. According to Buddhist medicine, in our lifetime evolution we go through ten different living conditions from hell to cosmic consciousness.

Life is the natural changes of matter in the chain of chemical reactions. Our cells, DNA and metabolism make human life possible. Each DNA strand needs our blood’s nutrients and oxygen on a cellular level. Sickness is the result of stagnation of toxicities in the extra cellular matrix. In the eastern medical concept, healthy metabolism at the cellular level happens when we have a smooth flow of qi, or energy, and blood without stagnation. Because the smooth flow of qi and blood is achieved through the application of meridian stimulation and pressure points, this skill is the inevitable and required subject to master.

For example, fluid in between each cell should move naturally like vibrational waves through the meridians and vessels. This oceanic wave created by the miracle of the universe moves our chi and blood harmoniously as we effectively breathe from our dantien, the 2nd chakra. Our well-being is damaged when toxins like microbiota, a pathogenic microorganisms living in  the mucosal surface of the inner most layer of the GI tract build up. Other toxins that can accumulate are fibrin, calcium oxalate crystals, uric acid, plaque, fungus, and dead cells, build-up due to apoptosis, senescence, and necrosis. These toxins block the intercellular spaces.

Therefore, degenerating and toxic energy needs to flow out and positive, regenerating energy needs to flow in and through our cells.  This is a matter of metabolism, in other words, the change of flow of qi, blood and body fluid. Meantime, mitochondria produce energy efficiently when healthy meals and digestion keep sending sufficient nutrients and oxygen to every cell. Mitochondria prosper with the proper transformation of oxygen and food to energy through healthy breathing and exercises.

Science reveals that lack of exercise and poor circulation of oxygen and nutrients in catabolism and anabolism reduce the quality and quantity of mitochondrial function, which in turn triggers apoptosis of ill cells. Mitochondria that have malfunctioned cannot control inflammation and consequently aging is accelerated. So, you can imagine how health and longevity are reduced without a healthy metabolism’s natural cycle of changes. The endless mystic power of the universe manifests its miracles when we have these very powerful changes on a cellular level.

Now, listen carefully. Meridians and vital points in the energetic system play a significant role. Every cell is under the influence of electromagnetic currents (meridians) and fields (body, mind, and spirit). All stimulation to Tsubo (vital points) in the electromagnetic field pass its healing message to every possible tissue and cell. When stagnated qi and blood are cleansed and invigorated through energetic medicine using subtle vibrational waves in a cellular environment, the DNA should be protected and maintained.

In TCM, we use modalities such as acupuncture, moxibustion, pressure, friction, tapping and cupping to enable us to affect the body on a deeper level. When these treatments are used, it is miraculous to observe the changes and improvements that happen between the vital points and deep within the tissues and cells. I introduce this type of energy work to move qi and the blood in “DoAnn’s Healing Modalities”.

I highly recommend learning the major pressure points within the 12 meridians and 365 points and to make change happen more effectively.  One can learn about a third of these powerful vital points in my long form of Anma therapy and short form of Shiatsu therapy.

The Fifth Golden Gate

The fifth miracle of the universe is balance.  Buddhist medicine teaches that a good life grows by maintaining the middle way in a balanced lifestyle among the constant changes of Nature and our society.  In maintaining a dynamic balance between negative – Yin and positive – Yang, night and day, sleep and movement, peace and disharmony, cold and hot, masculine and feminine, so do we maintain good health.

For example, when the sun, the master of the yang energy rises in the morning and stimulates the  sympathetic nervous system, so then should we rise and engage with the day.  However, when the moon, the master of yin energy, rules the evening, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant it is time to slow down, relax, and get ready to sleep.

As our bodies are a microcosm of the great universal macrocosm, so should our qi and blood circulate deeply for strong metabolism to maintain the extra cellular matrix for healthy stable homeostasis. But when we can’t ordinate our bio rhythms of microcosm with the natural rhythm of macrocosm, we get sick. We can’t live happily without a natural, consistent,  and healthy lifestyle.

An unnatural lifestyle promises unhappiness and disease sooner or later. Similarly, by maintaining a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, the aerobic and anaerobic energetic system, a slow and quick metabolism, an acid and alkaline environment, good and bad bacteria in the intestines, so do we maintain the vitality of our immune system, organs, glands, and hormone.

Moreover, when we rebalance the system it is important to translate the imbalance into the Five Elements of TCM.  By balancing the energetic activities between accumulating too much toxic energy and losing our own healing qi and blood we can increase our cell metabolism, bring our bodies back to homeostasis, and slow down the aging process. When our bodies reach homeostasis we can improve the condition of the body’s pH level, as well as good and bad bacteria in the intestine, body temperature, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system, and the mind. The balance of all these factors bring harmony of qi and blood which promises happiness and well being.  We are blessed when our cellular metabolism is healthy and our body is in  homeostasis.

Through the energetic medicine including acupuncture or acupressure, some scientific sources report that there is a 75% potential to achieve healing at the DNA level according to epigenetic research. Additionally these sources say it is possible to change the DNA information, to protect the telomeres, and consequently to tap into the miracles of the great universe on a cellular level, a factor for longer life.

The Sixth Golden Gate

Meditation, prayers, affirmation, and chanting with faith nurtures and strengthens our soul, like medicinal food. Spiritual practice is the sixth golden gate for a miraculous, happy and healthy life.  An old Japanese proverb reveals the ancient wisdom of spiritual practice as a counter measure to prevent illness, “Yamai wa ki kara” which means, “Sickness comes from one’s spirit”. This means that imbalance and stagnation of mental qi or one’s attitude, can affect the path of an illness, for better or for worse.

This truth provides guidance into ways to manage our health and to avoid the causes of sickness.  Taoism and Lotus Faith Healing medicine teach the philosophy of oneness, as body and mind are one and inseparable like the oxygen we breathe. Body-mind is a well-known term of “oneness of Yin and Yang” and dualistic monism. The mind and body interact constantly like the Heaven and Earth and time and space.

But now, according to our traditional belief and lifestyle, the mind initiates illness in the body. “Yamai wa ki kara” awakens us and brings enlightenment into our lives. It says disease is caused by unhealthy mental, emotional and spiritual living conditions like depression, anger, envy, worry, hate, resentment, selfishness and all negative thoughts, which are very toxic.

When working on chronic conditions, stress management and mental health are priority issues before addressing physical complaints. By maintaining and evolving our spiritual practice with meditation, prayers and chanting, so do we strengthen our soul, and so do miracles infuse our lives. Faith healing is one of the most remarkable issues. Faith to the divine influences our DNA level. This discovery is one of the hottest topics in science articles.

Faith healing belongs to the area of epigenetic factors that opens up the healing potential that go beyond inheritable genes. Through a healthy lifestyle including balanced meals and exercise, some scientific sources report that there is a 75% potential to achieve healing at the DNA level. Additionally these sources say it is possible to change DNA information, to protect the telomeres, and consequently to tap into the miracles of the great universe on a cellular level, a factor for longer life.

The Seventh Golden Gate

The last secret to the universe’s power to perform miracles is integration. The universe engages in two opposite forces of yin and yang energy. Integration is the power of growth and organization, disintegration is the power of entropy. We are born as a result of the integration of yin and yang, death is the effect of the disintegration of yin and yang. Life is a matter of string waves that vibrate in frequency. Our infinite divine light increases as we are awakening. When our body, mind and spirit are not integrated, we are living in an illusionary, limited world. During this time, fundamental darkness can shut off unlimited hope and creativity.

With the miraculous power of the universe, when we integrate our body, mind and spirit our life force becomes stronger. Therefore we need to seek the lifestyle that is associated with the universe out there and the universe within.  Because of the integration of the east and west, the classic and the modern, macrocosm and microcosm,  we gain strength for living beings.

Now we have a brilliant understanding of the universe through quantum mechanics we really enjoy the benefit of integration as the universe keeps inflating and expanding. We correspond and synchronize our integration through body, mind and spirit. This is fundamental about the most important key factor for enlightened lifestyle. Let’s learn together how to integrate body, mind, and spirit.

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