I am very grateful for all the wonderful students and clients I have worked with in my 50-year career. Thank you to all who have offered their testimonials! It is deeply appreciated.

“I have seen Dr. Kaneko for several different conditions over many years.  In all situations he was incredible, and I found relief from what was ailing me.

-The first time was when I developed chronic shoulder pain from carrying my young daughter. The acupuncture treatments relieved the pain and stress. I was thrilled.

-The second time was some years later when I developed plantar fasciiitis. I was in considerable pain. I tried orthotics, no relief. I had two extremely painful cortisone shots, with no relief.  I started seeing Dr. Kaneko and after some time, probably a couple months, I found relief. The pain was gone.  I could walk without pain and exercise again. It has never flared up again.

-The third time was within the last year.  I developed liver disease and was in terrible pain.  I had lost a lot of weight, had no appetite, had compromised kidneys and liver.  I went to him for several months. He did a variety of treatments. I was also seeing a gastrointestinal specialist who did blood panels every two weeks.  The doctor told me to have no alcohol, and to restrict salt intake. I am happy to say that I am well now. I attribute much of my healing to Doctor Kaneko’s treatments.

I recommend him highly. He’s a wonderful doctor and healer.”

-Peggy O’Brien

“Dr. Kaneko is a miracle worker, I have felt this since my first treatment with him at the Tao Healing Arts Center well over 10 years ago. I’m in my 50s and am very active with swimming, yoga and other forms of fitness and it seems something always comes up.  Dr. Kaneko has helped me with allergies, digestion, hips, shoulders, energy level, a general sense of well-being and other issues that are too numerous to name here.

Every time I see him, I look forward to him taking my wrists to check the pulses of my major organs.  Am I ok, how can I become more balanced?  He always has a path forward and a plan.   A typical treatment these days may include any or all of the following: acupuncture, shiatsu massage, moxibustion, traction, cupping and/or chi machine.

He has also provided me with tools to live a better life.  He has advised me on diet, stretching, meditation and the meridian systems.  I practice his Chi Gong technique, called Baduanjin, or the 8 Silk Movements.  When I feel off, I do Baduanjin by following along with him on the Chi Gong DVD he produced several years ago; it always helps and is a great way to start the day.

Finally, I am inspired by his example.  He practices what he preaches and the results are obvious.  I hope to move through life with the vitality, generosity and grace he exhibits. I am grateful to have received his care over these years.”

-Peter Gidlow
December 7, 2020

“I love Tikkun Spa. Dr. Kaneko is the most healing person I have ever experienced and I am grateful for his care.”

-Sharon Stone

“Dr. Kaneko is an amazing shiatsu and acupuncture master. I have seen many alternative practitioners over many years, and it is easy to say that Dr. Kaneko is by far the best. His special techniques work not only on the physical aspects, but also on our emotional and spiritual bodies. It has been transformational for me to have the chance to be treated by Dr. Kaneko and I am very grateful.”

-Nina Menkes, Film Director, www.ninamenkes.com, June 30, 2020

“I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Kaneko while working at a spa together a few years ago. I worked at the front desk, so I had the opportunity to talk to and get to know most of his patients.  I was always impressed by their amazing  testimonials and comments of the many ways their lives and health had improved through their treatments with Dr. Kaneko. At the time I was also doing massage and body treatments, and I remember a time when my wrists were so sore from the massage technique that I was doing that I  could barely lift them.  Dr. Kaneko asked if he could help me,  I was truly shocked by the outcome. Not only after one treatment was I able to utilize my wrists, but the pain never returned!!!! After that experience, I went to him for everything!( lower back pain, headaches, anxiety). Dr. Kaneko is not just a master acupuncturist, he is a true healer. I am and will always be eternally grateful to him and his gift.”

-M. Shawzin,

“I would like to thank the universe for sending Dr. Kaneko to my life. I am new to the country and was going through a cultural shock and many difficult events when moved here by myself alone. I started to have extremely strong headaches, migraines, couldn’t concentrate at work and started really to panic and think that I have to leave this country and it is not for me. My mom from far away recommended me to try acupuncture sessions before giving up everything. I found Dr. Kaneko online. I trusted my Instincts and I am so grateful now. I am going to the acupuncture/massage sessions for a year and I can’t express in words how different I feel. My migraines are gone, I almost never have a headache, I feel more concentrated and I feel so strong in extremely stressful situations. Even I am still adjusting to the new place for me to live, it became easier and let me go on. Dr. Kaneko also introduced me to one very powerful meditation/breathing technique, which I love, I use, and I feel different when I do it regularly. I Definitely recommend Dr. Kaneko to anyone, as I believe he is a talented professional healer, amazing warm caring person, even when he smiles, you can feel the light and love around him! Thank you so much, Dr. Kaneko! You probably saved my life??”
-Anna, Brentwood

“I have been fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Kaneko’s for the last 15 years.  He has helped me tremendously with an ongoing hip issue that I have struggled with since childhood and has been the only practitioner that I have ever seen who was able to make a difference with this problem.  Dr. Kaneko also supported me physically through both of my pregnancies with both shiatsu and acupuncture. Dr. Kaneko is always attentive, sensitive, conscientious, and caring.  He brings deep knowledge, energetic wisdom, and concrete physical awareness to his work.  His needle technique is incredible and I highly recommend him if you are someone who feels nervous or uncomfortable with acupuncture needles.

I was also so inspired by Dr. Kaneko and his incredible gift that I became a student of Shiatsu at his school.  He taught the principles and techniques of shiatsu with the same attention and care that he does when he treats patients.  I appreciate Dr. Kaneko as a teacher and bodyworker and a  human being. He demonstrates immense passion and dedication in his work to share his understanding of the body and chi with his clients and students, and he helps families connect through touch.
Thank you, Dr. Kaneko for the profound contribution you are making.”
-Amy, June 18, 2019

“First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude for an amazing healer, Dr. Kaneko. He truly is a master in his craft.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kaneko for five years. He is my go to doctor for anything and everything you would see your medical doctor for. He has treated me for various conditions such as: headaches, back pain, sciatica, allergies, sinus pain and pressure, whiplash from an auto collision, an old hip injury, jet lag, PMS, IBS, the usual aches and pains, and daily life stressors, you name it! His technique is superb. He incorporates stretching and acupressure points massage with deep breathing, which really put me at ease. The results are immediate. After just one treatment, it’s like day and night.

Dr. Kaneko has an amazing gift. He is very intuitive and knowledgeable and has the ability to quickly find the root of the problem. He has a beautiful calm presence and gentle approach with his technique. He really listens to your needs and gives great aftercare suggestions with each treatment. He gives the best advice for a healthy lifestyle, from nutrition to exercise, to stress relieving techniques. I absolutely trust him with my health.

I highly recommend Dr. Kaneko for anyone seeking pain relief. Whatever your pain is, really, anything from head to toe, he will heal you. The positive result from his healing art is unparalleled. He truly is one of a kind.”

-Rosi, July 2, 2019

“After I was told by my medical doctors that there was nothing more that could be done for my severe and recurring urinary tract infections, my brother suggested that I see Dr. Kaneko. That was some thirty years ago. At the conclusion of seven weekly acupuncture treatments by Dr. Kaneko, I was pain and infection free. Since then, I have greatly benefited from the healing powers of Dr. Kaneko. His knowledge and experience, wisdom and compassion have opened my pathways to health. Let me cite just two other examples.
In 2000, following a fall, I had an experimental L5S1 spinal fusion surgery which kept me in bed and in pain for nearly two years. In desperation, I reached out to Dr. Kaneko for help. He did not give up on me. He started a treatment plan of acupuncture and shiatsu massage. He advised me on breathing, diet and healing modalities. In addition, he recommended daily guided meditation. A year later, my symptoms were relieved, my pain manageable. I was able to go on with my life.
Three years ago, I was taken to emergency care in extreme pain, shortness of breath and overwhelming fatigue. I was diagnosed by several medical specialists to have Sciatica and extreme esophageal spasms. I sought out Dr. Kaneko once again. His acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu treatments significantly relieved the pain and fatigue and gave me the strength to seek the root causes, which turned out to be cardiovascular. Surgeries and complications followed. Through it all, Dr. Kaneko has been and continues to be essential in my recovery and well being.
I am fortunate to have the best western medical care, for which I am extremely grateful. Equally as important, I am fortunate to have the best care from Dr. Kaneko who trusts the power of the universe to heal. Thank you, Dr. Kaneko.”

-L B, Santa Monica 2/10/2017

“Dearest Doctor Kaneko,

The Bamboo Princess and The Music Hands Man book is a beautiful book to see with positive philosophy expressed in the story.

You have created a timeless treasure for people to learn these important messages about love for one another, respect for all creation, the links between mind and body, and expression of compassionate love for family members and the universal family.”

-In Divine Friendship,
Kami and Zachary Taylor

“I am truly grateful for the wonderful healing treatments and advice I have received from Dr Kaneko. Over five years ago I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy/heart failure(unexplained origin). I had been experiencing overall fatigue/weakness, difficulty breathing, pain in my back and joints.   Dr. Kaneko treated me and even after one session, I found marked relief from the discomfort and pain in my body. During the five years following diagnosis, I received regular treatments from Dr. Kaneko. In addition to acupuncture and shiatsu treatments, Dr Kaneko gave me great suggestions regarding my diet, exercise and taught me effective breathing, massage and stretching techniques that I can do on my own. Today, per my cardiologist, my cardiomyopathy is cured, all  test results are normal.

I am grateful to Dr Kaneko for relieving my pain and for showing me how to improve my health, overall strength and energy flow through better action and attitude.”

– Keiko I.

“Dr. Kaneko, I found myself in the conundrum of ….”the tao which can be spoken is not the true tao….” ….I started a poem….a word collage…and then came up with this reflection:

Doin Class to me is a gentle invitation to self-healing. learned in the class that combining essences of different Asian disciplines such as Shiatsu and Chi Gong, techniques of meditation, self-massage, breathing, and philosophy are practiced to restore, transcend, and invigorate the body, mind, soul, and spirit. Through Doin the Chi / Ki of childhood can be rediscovered. Healing and growth may then begin anew. Doin means a great deal to me….”

– Peace, Mitchel

“Dr Kaneko is a genius. I’ve seen him many times for recurrent sciatic pain, triggered by two slipped discs in my lower back, which is both severe and disabling. Every time, with his experienced touch, he diffuses the pain completely and has me walking again – incredible!”

– Sam

“Dr. Kaneko, you treated me over twenty five years ago and the authenticity of that treatment’s value created a long lasting – and potent – memory, like I have of favorite fruits, first love, nurturing places, etc…

Your shiatsu touched – and joined in with – my being in a natural, unimposing way, and so, decades later, when I had the need, your shiatsu arose in my mind much the same as clear water arises in my mind when I am thirsty. Your shiatsu, like water, came to me from without to circulate within, and because its degree of authenticity, ( absorbable, natural purity ? ) is so high, it became a part of me.That’s why I call it authentic shiatsu.”

– All the best, Bob

“I was refereed to the Dr.Kaneko by my daughter who studied under his Shiatsu Classes.

I had suffered from migraine headaches for over 20 years. They generally lasted for 2-3 days and during that time O could not bear loud noises, strong odors or bright light. Frequently I was nauseous and could not eat during the attack and had an acupuncturist and shiatsu treatment with Dr.Kaneko. I left with a huge smile on my face and felt as though i was walking six inches off the ground. My pain was gone and I have not had another migraine attack in 20 years since then!

I continued to see Dr. Kaneko whenever I have pain and always find relief. He has treated my sciatica pain,acute stomach ailments, IBS, as well as muscle and nerve pain resulting from as auto accident. I put a great deal of faith in Dr. Kaneko and his professional, kind and understanding care.”

– Mary

“Dear Kaneko Sensei, thank you so much for letting me experiment with this Shaitsu and Anma method ( long & short form). I am beginning to feel some possitive effects even with just a couple weeks of use.”

– Truly, Jean

“Dear Dr. Kaneko – Thank you for your phone messages, your special tribute to my mother has been very touching and appreciated. In gratitude to you who have diligently treated my mother with compassion that she very truly appreciated, that trust you gave her. Thank you again and again for your true unconditional love, thank you.”

– anonymous

“Aloha Dr. Kaneko,

I hope that you remember me, I live on the big island of Hawaii. I received my Anma training with Don Polipovitch who studied with you. My husband, and I studied privately with him. I went on to get my Massage license and develop a thriving practice. I would like to share the wonderful healing benefits of the Anma technique in Hawaii. So many of my clients have gotten such remarkable results from the treatments that I see there is a need for this here. I seem to be the only one doing this here. I also see the importance of the Ampuku and Doin discipline and would like to make that available to my students and clients in the future..”

– Mahalo, L.

“Kaneko Sensei, This is a place where I always come with pleasure. Dr. Kaneko helped me a lot through my pregnancy and his acupuncture made a huge difference with my labor. I am a different person every time I come out of his office. I feel much better every time. Thank you a lot!”

– anonymous

“I feel more complete relief for the first time in two years for my injuries. My tightness has loosened in my hip, shoulder, & neck. Thank you Dr. Kaneko. Sincerely.”

– Key

“I saw Dr. Kaneko for the first time thirty years ago for sciatic nerve pain. The pain was so debilitating that I could not walk without a limp or a cane. I had been to doctors and received cortisone injections that did little or no good. After three sessions with Dr. Kaneko my pain was completely gone. I have had flare ups of sciatic nerve pain two subsequent times since then. On both occasions, Dr. Kaneko was successful in completely relieving the pain within three visits. I do not know of any other therapy that has been successful at relieving this debilitating condition. Further, I have had reoccurring back and neck pain due to injuries sustained in my teenage years from automobile accidents. This pain has been accompanied by stiffness and restriction of motion.

Dr. Kaneko has successfully treated this with shiatsu massage and acupuncture, relieving all three symptoms. He is an unparalleled master of these arts had he achieves near magical results. It is really quite interesting that in these instances, there has been a significant level of pain associated with the first treatment, a significantly lower level of pain with the second treatment and experiencing no pain with the third treatment, all the while getting the same level of pressure on the same affected muscles and tissue during each treatment. That is the most profound testimonial to the effectiveness of his treatments, when you can experience your own level of pain diminishing each time you see him. Dr. Kaneko is extraordinarily gifted in the healing arts that he practices, and anyone who is fortunate enough to see him will be the better for it. At our highest levels of meditation and action God’s energy flows through us, and this is the level that Dr. Kaneko lives and works on, with a clear mind and a shining spirit.”

– Zachary T

“In 2010 I had severe knee pain and could not walk without a crutch. After MRIs and bones scans and other tests, the orthopedists could not find anything wrong and had no solution for me but to stay on crutches and limit my activities for 3 months. I consulted with Dr. Kaneko who treated me with massage and electronic acupuncture. After two treatments, the knee pain disappeared completely. I threw away the crutches and resumed my active life, including playing golf 3 – 4 times per week.”

– HL, Pacific Palisades.

“I came to see Dr. Kaneko two month ago. My mother had died and I was trouble sleeping and eating. I was experiencing severe tension headaches and numbness in different parts of my body. Dr.Kaneko worked on balancing and opening up the energy channels in my body.He taught me breathing and meditation techniques to calm my mind. He encouraged and reinforced my own knowledge of self healing. I learned specific location of acupuncture points to to help me sleep and stimulate my immune system. Dr. Kaneko spoke to me about ” Divine waiting ” – importance of being patient with my journey,that to experience the pain and grief would lead to a greater knowledge and awareness as I healed. He encourage me to believe that all experiences are necessary for growth. Slowly but surely my symptoms disappeared. My sleep returned to normal and my energy followed along with a big smile. The beuty of Dr. Kaneko’s treatment is that it connects the mind ,body and soul. Working together to create harmony and peace to aid in the process of self healing. Thank you Dr.Kaneko My best to you.”

– E.G.

“I have had experience with Tao Healing Arts Center for many years(15). I began as a student of Dr, Kaneko. I was pregnant at the time and had to stop classes toward the end of my pregnancy. My child had turned breach and the Dr’s became worried about his position. After a treatment from Dr. Kaneko my child had turned around and remained in the proper position. I have studied varied forms of metaphysical healing practices and found the most consistently effective and the best results have come from my studies at your center and from treatment I have received form Dr. Kaneko. I and my entire family have gone to Dr. Kaneko for a long list of problems, migraine ( I don’t have them any more after his treatment), lower back ailments and sports injuries, car accidents. I have found that East meets West approach to healing and preventative medicine and healthy discipline as taught and practiced by Dr. Kaneko has been invaluable in my life and the lives of my children. Thank you all for being there for me and my family.”

– J R.

“Dr. Kaneko has been an incredible asset to me over the last 10+ years, resolving various injuries I have sustained as a lifelong soccer player and surfer of 35 years. Dr. Kaneko initially assisted me over 10yrs ago with a range of motion issue (related to a surgery for a broken ankle). Various physical therapists could not get my range of motion back thru normal sessions. The visits with Dr Kaneko made huge improvements for me, allowing me to get back to athletic activity within a week of seeing him. In the years to follow, Dr Kaneko has assisted me by relieving and resolving various injuries to my lower back, neck, elbows, feet, etc. The combination of techniques he uses are unique and always result in dramatic improvements, allowing me to get back to the activities I love.

I would recommend Dr. Kaneko to anyone who has acute or general injuries that have been nagging them (where they cannot get over the hump thru normal physical therapy or tissue work). I have seen many therapists over the 35 years of heavy athletic activity in my life, and Dr. Kaneko is the one person I go to now because he is head and shoulders above the rest.”

– Scott Ridgley in P.P.

“Dear Dr. Kaneko, I am one of your graduates and teaching your form at a massage school in Las Vegas. It is so nice to hear from you. I am happy to hear that you are still doing what you love, without the stress. And congratulations on the completion of your new book. I just ordered it. I was also excited to see your name in one of our school textbooks. Tappan’s Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques lists you as one of America’s Shiatsu pioneers, along with Shizuto Masunaga, Shizuko Yamamoto, Toshiko Phipps, and Koichi Nakamura.”

– C.M.

“I had horrible, often debilitating sciatica before I met Dr. Kaneko. While his treatments of acupuncture, acupressure and herbs made me feel better immediately, what’s been amazing is how seeing him regularly for many years has kept me almost entirely pain-free. And he makes you pain-free without pain; sometimes I’m not even aware when he’s inserting the needles. Most importantly, in addition to his professional skill, he’s a wonderful human being who it’s been my honor to know.”

– David Misch, Santa Monica 5/31/2015

“Early in 2013 I became unable to move my left arm and shoulder. The slightest movement was very painful resulting in the use of a sling to provide stability. I went to my regular physician who diagnosed it as “frozen shoulder”; a very common condition among men in my age group. He referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who, after analyzing my MRI, said I would need an operation to correct the condition. I was also told I would never play golf again at a high level.

A close friend urged me to see Dr. Kaneko for an alternative therapy. After a consultation with Dr. Kaneko, I began a short series of therapeutic sessions that relieved my pain almost immediately. After several additional sessions, Dr. Kaneko was able to restore my range of motion and unfreeze my left shoulder. Within a couple of months my ability to play golf at my previous level had returned. It has been more than a year, my shoulder has not bothered me at all and my golf continues to improve. Because golf has been so important to me throughout my life, I will be eternally grateful for Dr. Kaneko.”

-Andrew S.

“Dr. Kaneko has been treating me for over ten years for various conditions: sciatica along my left side (healed without surgery or any other medical intervention); overextended thigh muscles (from a fall); twisted ankle; knee injuries from falls; headaches due to allergies; neck and back pain (from yoga because I did not listen to my body); and tight muscles.

Whenever I am injured, the first person I consider is Dr. Kaneko. Dr. Kaneko has an amazing ability to evaluate and treat any physical condition with which I am afflicted. Especially when it is a muscle or tendon injury, I try to see Dr. Kaneko within 24-48 hours to start the healing process, as soon as possible. For me, quickly getting the chi and blood flowing are critical.

Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Kaneko for his gifted acupuncture ability!”

– anonymous

“Thank you Dr. Kaneko for making it possible for me to say I feel perfect at age 81 after having so much pain. The acupuncture anma and heat treatment has made it possible for me to say I feel 100% perfect! I originally had one leg much shorter than the other which made it necessary to have both hip joint replacements for bone on bone deterioration the last few years ago. Again, thank you for your kind care.”

– Kathleen Mariko SanLeandar 11/10/14

“My first visit to Dr. Kaneko was in 2002 for a chronic back injury. I did not know that when i walked into his office i would be meeting a healing artist. Dr. Kaneko took the time to hear my entire story, asked focused questions and gave me the best massage and accupuncture of my life. Although it had been years that I experienced pain, within a very short period of time I was playing full-court basketball again for hours on end. I was so moved by my experience that I have sent more people than i can remember to him always with the most positive responses. If you have a chance to be worked on by Dr. Kaneko, please treat yourself by accepting that opportunity.”

– Robert Martin Bencangey, W.L.A.

“I am so grateful to have experienced Dr. Kaneko’s gift of healing 2 years ago. Severe pain from wrist tendinitis was quite debilitating before I met Dr. Kaneko. I had surgery scheduled… But I just wanted to try one last attempt at getting relief without getting cut! Upon entering Dr. Kaneko’s practice I felt a sense of peace and calm…. I immediately was at ease in his presence. The acupuncture treatment was painless and believe it or not very relaxing. After one treatment my painful symptoms subsided considerably. I continued to improve and do not need surgery!

My thanks to this wonderful, kind gentle soul. Best wishes”

– Stacey H.
Los Angeles, C

“I came to see Dr. Kaneko with acute ankle tendonitis. I had been training for months to climb Mt. Whitney and started experiencing severe pain in my ankle that stopped my training. Dr. Kaneko took the time to truly investigate the source of my pain. My permit to climb was the following day and I decided to attempt the mountain despite the injury. I did not expect to be able to finish the 21 miles, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to climb the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. To my amazement, my ankle felt strong and finished the hike in one day. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Kaneko’s healing knowledge.”

– Teresa Noona, W.L.A.

After being diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and having suffered a large loss in motion range, I was directed to take cortisone shots and start rehabilitation therapy. Dr. Kaneko had helped me with back problems a couple years before and his mastery of acupuncture and acupressure had solved these recurring problems. I decided to forgo the cortisone shots and the chiropractor approach and instead see if Dr. Kaneko could fix my shoulder pain and recover the lost range of motion. Dr. Kaneko treated me with acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herb compresses over the course of approximately two months. Amazingly, all pain disappeared and I recovered about 90% of my range of motion. Dr. Kaneko managed to dramatically change my quality of life with no need for heavy drugs (like cortisone and other painkillers) or the invasiveness of chiropractic “care.”

– JP Clement in P.P.

“After years of computer work, I woke up one morning with terrible pain between my shoulder blades. I spent that day trying to massage it for relief; huge mistake! The next morning, I woke up with the worst pain imaginable going all the way down my left arm. It felt like someone bashed my arm several times with a baseball bat. I went to the local emergency room but all they did was prescribe a lot of muscle relaxers and painkillers. However, the pain was so bad, I had to take them.

After about two weeks, I realized these pills were not the solution and had their own set of risks. At this point, I was referred to Dr. Kaneko but I had no experience with Eastern medicine. However, while I explained to Dr. Kaneko I needed measurable results to justify continued therapy, I remained open-minded. Together, we established a realistic set of expectations and a path forward that primarily included shiatsu and acupuncture.

Within a few sessions, the pain in my arm had gradually subsided. However, after an MRI of my cervical and thoracic spine, it was ultimately determined I had seven (7) bulging discs of varying degrees that been the source of the nerve damage that yielded the massive pain.

At this point, I was independently referred to a highly regarded neurosurgeon in Marina Del Rey. After looking at the MRI, he insisted I needed surgery and I needed it now. I was told if I did not have the surgery performed immediately, the problem would only get worse over time.

The advice I received from friends and family was to avoid surgery at all costs. In complete agreement with this advice, I continued my work with Dr. Kaneko. After 10-12 sessions, all pain in my arm, neck and shoulder blades was completely gone. It has been five years since that first group of sessions and I have not had any pain since.

Dr. Kaneko is a genius and a wonderfully caring person. As we all know, referring people can be tricky. Everyone’s guy is the best. Dr. Kaneko is different and you won’t know until you know. I have referred him to several people since my initial treatment and everyone raves about him with no exception. He is the one person I can refer with absolute confidence. I continue to see Dr. Kaneko for my overall well being and wish I could do it more.

I don’t care how far you have to go; after one session you will be thrilled to have access to Dr. Kaneko’s genius. He’ll make you feel like his only patient and, if your problem can be solved without surgery, he’s the guy who will deliver results.”

– James R.

“Dear friend Dr. Kaneko,

Many thanks for your extraordinarily healing acupuncture session…I’ve been getting better every day since…still some residual pain but 90% of my severe low back pain is gone. You are a miracle worker. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.”

– Monty

“As cliched as it sounds, working with Dr. Kaneko has been a truly life-transforming experience. I would go so far as to say it is like being given the breath of life. Somewhere in his 40 years of experience with acupuncture and Shiatsu, he has learned to play the human body as elegantly and gracefully as a great composer tinkering on a piano. The results are just as magical. I wish I knew just how he did it because the results are pure genius. He knows exactly what to do to put me in a zone where I feel just right, where my energies create great things around me and where I go from being in a state where I don’t feel good and nothing quite works out to everything being in perfect alignment. The shift is seismic energetically and emotionally, and I would be lost without it as I face huge challenges on the physical, energetic and emotional level.

When I started working with Dr. Kaneko three years ago, I was a burnt out wreck. Every system in my body was out of balance, from the metabolism to the hormones. In working with Dr. Kaneko, I began to feel magical and magical things happened. I lost 45 lbs without even trying, and my body and mind came back into balance, most importantly, and I rediscovered life. I began dancing again, studied Shiatsu and began assisting him and experienced a whole new world. When I do two sessions a week, my body and mind become perfectly calibrated, as does my world. I find that once a week doesn’t quite hit the spot for me and recommend any one who can to do as many sessions as possible and find what works for them. We have also made huge steps in keeping uterine fibroids under control using electric acupuncture which is a life saver.”

Thank you, Dr. Kaneko.

– L.F.

“Dr. Kaneko has been treating me for over ten years for various conditions: sciatica along my left side (healed without surgery or any other medical intervention); overextended thigh muscles (from a fall); twisted ankle; knee injuries from falls; headaches due to allergies; neck and back pain (from yoga because I did not listen to my body); and tight muscles. Whenever I am injured, the first person I consider is Dr. Kaneko. Dr. Kaneko has an amazing ability to evaluate and treat any physical condition with which I am afflicted. Especially when it is a muscle or tendon injury, I try to see Dr. Kaneko within 24-48 hours to start the healing process, as soon as possible. For me, quickly getting the chi and blood flowing is critical.

Without reservation, I recommend Dr. Kaneko for his gifted acupuncture ability and anma massage therapy talent. It is difficult to articulate or to put into words how amazing a healer he is. All I can say is that, without reservation, I recommend Dr. Kaneko!

Additionally, I have referred Dr. Kaneko to my mother (hip and back pain), father (frequency and urgency, related to the bladder in his late 70s), sister (limited range of motion in her shoulder, which Dr. Kaneko fixed with acupuncture, electrical stimulation and anma massage after several unsuccessful attempts by physical therapists), my father-in-law (frequency and urgency) in his 80s, and many friends with pain and limited mobility issues. All were impressed with Dr. Kaneko and some have commented that Dr. Kaneko is “the best”! Plus, Dr. Kaneko has treated both of my sons since they were teenagers (for sports injuries, like twisted ankles and back pain from three herniated disks) and my husband (“amazingly strong hands” for working out tight muscles). All of my family and friends have told me that they received the best treatments imaginable!”

– Beverly, Los Angeles (May 2015)

“My wife and I have known Dr. Kaneko for the past 8 years. The first time I met him was for my back and elbow. I had a 9mm herniated disk between my L1-S5 and I didn’t want to have surgery. I also had tennis elbow and didn’t care so much for Cortisone shots.

My wife told me about Dr. Kaneko and I didn’t see any harm in seeing him for a consultation. The consultation resulted in a 3 month twice a week therapy. Dr. Kaneko has a magic touch and he is a true healer. I ended up not having surgery and my elbow got so much better that I was back on the tennis courts in 3 months. We kept in touch with Dr. Kaneko, but he didn’t treat me for the next 6 years because I was in good health, or I thought I was.

In May of 2012 I was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis and had 3 hip surgeries from August 2012 thru June of 2013. Two of my surgeries where for complete hip replacement. Once I was finally done with therapy last October, I was still in pain and my right knee was in pain as well. So I called my dear friend Dr. Kaneko and asked to see him. The first visit after his examination he told me that he can get me 50 to 60% better in seven sessions. I was excited but not convinced it’s going to happen. I had been in pain for over 2 years and being pain free or mobile for exercising seemed pretty far-fetched, I didn’t think even Dr. Kaneko and his amazing healing power could make me better. I went to him every week for 7 weeks and by the 7th week I was walking 10 miles a week. My mobility was still not there for tougher sports. I saw him maybe 3 or 4 more times and I became more mobile. He recommended some home exercises and some Asian potions to rub on my pain spots. It all worked! Everything he said and promised, he delivered.

I started playing tennis last February and I’ve been playing 3 times a week and I’m still walking 5 to 6 miles a week. I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% and not even close to what I was before my surgeries, but I have less pain and I have my mobility back. I owe so much to Dr. Kaneko, his healing techniques and teachings of having a better and healthier lifestyle. I’ve been recommending him to all my friends and family. This world needs more people like Dr. Kaneko. He is a caring individual that has a passion and love for healing. Thank you Dr. Kaneko for what you have done for me and my family.”

– Jay T

“In 2008, I had severe neck and shoulder pain. I had lost complete feeling in my left arm down to my fingertips. The constant pressure and agonizing pain was unbearable. I had lost complete mobility of my left arm, and I couldn’t hold anything. It was totally numb. The pain would radiate from my neck down to my shoulder and back.

I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and got an MRI. The results showed that I had 5 bulging discs and a 6mm herniated disc in my neck, C.V.4 -5. The doctor said that I had to have surgery, or it will get worse. But, I didn’t want surgery. I have young kids and a very busy active life. There had to be another solution. I had to exhaust all of my options and try everything and anything possible before considering surgery. I preferred to use a homeopathic approach.

Then, I met with a different doctor, a Physiatrist, and he referred me to Dr. Kaneko. The use of Eastern medicine by acupressure and acupuncture was a first for me.
After my first session with Dr. Kaneko, I felt so much better. I knew I was in good hands. He is very knowledgeable, wise, kind and caring, and a true professional at his art of healing. He listens with patience, and I felt relaxed and not rushed at all. He gives his undivided attention to you.

I continued my sessions with Dr. Kaneko, and I started to feel the sensation in my arm and fingers again. I had tingling, pins and needles, like my arm was waking up after being asleep for months. The pressure of pain was less. And, within a day or two, I had complete mobility in my left arm, no pain and no more numbness. My left arm was back! It was a miracle to me!
Dr. Kaneko is a master of his art of healing. He is the man with the Magic Hands! I sincerely appreciate Dr. Kaneko’s help in healing me and now, I am able to live my life without pain. He is the best and with much gratitude, I thank him everyday in my prayers. I have referred my husband, sister, and friends to Dr. Kaneko as well. Because if you want to heal, you go to the best! The Master!

I still continue to have my sessions with Dr. Kaneko for my overall good health and well being. 🙂

Also, I must mention an coincidental encounter I had back in 2011, when my family and I went up to Mammoth for a ski trip over the holidays. As the kids were off to the ski slopes, I decided to get a massage. During my massage, I realized the masseuse’s technique and style of massage was exactly like Dr. Kaneko’s style of massage, acupressure. So, I asked her a few questions about how she got into massage therapy. She was from North Carolina and had heard and studied under Dr. Kaneko. He was her professor at the Shiatsu Massage School of California in Santa Monica, California.

It was truly an amazing and surprising encounter. The evidence shows Dr. Kaneko is truly brilliant.”

– Glaieul T.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man.” As a Montessori educator, I appreciate books for children which foster their innate compassion for others. This story also educates the reader in the fascinating healing art of tapping music hands.

The tale follows a universal theme, and can be found in other cultures as well. There is a Russian folktale, “The Snow Child”, in which an elderly couple’s strong wish for a daughter is magically granted. As summer approaches, the snow child disappears, only to return every winter to help her aging parents. The Bamboo Princess is a delightful book with a beautiful message. As an elementary school teacher, I highly recommend it. The lovely illustrations are sure to captivate young minds.

Dr. Kaneko’s session: I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Kaneko. He is a gifted doctor and a wonderful human being who treats every patient with the utmost respect and compassion. My family and I go to him with full confidence. His acupuncture/shiatsu-anma massage therapy is incomparable. Simply put, Dr. Kaneko is the best!!
El Dr. Kaneko es un magnífico médico que me ha ayudado mucho en el pasado. Lo recomiendo ampliamente por su calidez y honradez. Translation: Dr. Kaneko is an excellent doctor who has helped me a lot in the past. I highly recommend him for his warmth and his honesty

Thank you for everything, Dr. Kaneko”

– Maria

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