Shiatsu, which is finger pressure, came from Japan about 150 years ago. Anma, which is pressure and soothing and in practice includes kneading, came from China a few thousand years ago. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma therapy is the combination of both, using meridian lines and pressure points. Meridian lines are energy channels that circulate qi and blood throughout the body. Pressure points, or tsubo, in Japanese are like tuning points that assess energy flow, and will tell you whether energy is flowing or blocked, as well as in excess or deficient. When there is a blockage of energy flow it can lead to health imbalances. In releasing blockages you regulate the body’s metabolism and homeostasis which benefit the tissue and cells.

Dr. Kaneko, one of the five shiatsu pioneers in the US, uses an effective and innovative approach to healing. He has been specializing in this healing art form for 50 years, taught numerous students and healed a variety of ailments with this powerful therapy.

Shiatsu Anma is more beneficial treating the person as a whole, integrating body, mind and spirit. Although every person is different, Shiatsu Anma is helpful for the following body systems:

Digestive system
Cardiopulmonary system
Autoimmune system
Lymphatic system
Nervous system
Integumentary system
Excretory system
Neuroendocrine system
(GYN & reproductive)

Shiatsu Anma is helpful for these ailments:

Sinus issues
Cold feet
Morning Stiffness

Knee pain
Muscle spasms
Kidney ailments
Kyphosis lordosis

Frozen shoulders
Poor circulation
Joint Pain in arms & hands
Neck & shoulder issues
Foot fatigue & pain
Gynecological issues

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