Learn one of the most effective healing modalities, Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Therapy. An integration of both a Japanese & ancient Chinese modality, each class will cover different parts of the body.  No prerequisites are needed.

Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Therapy is an effective combination of kneading and pressure therapy using meridian lines and acupuncture points. Shiatsu, which means “finger pressure”, came from Japan over a 100 years ago. Anma, which is “pressure soothing”, and in practice includes kneading, came from China a few thousand years ago. Meridian lines are energy channels that circulate qi and blood throughout the body. Pressure points, or tsubo, in Japanese, are like tuning points that assess energy flow and will tell you whether energy is flowing or blocked, as well as in excess or deficiency.

When there is a blockage of energy flow, it can lead to health imbalances. In releasing blockages you regulate the body’s metabolism and homeostasis which benefit the tissues and cells. The benefit of Kaneko Shiatsu Anma is that it treats the person as a whole, integrating body, mind and spirit. It provides therapy for chronic, degenerative, and constitutional conditions, as well as stress management, anti-aging and immune-boosting purposes. Treatments also are provided at the local areas for pain conditions.

Who is this class for?

*Interested People
*Massage Therapists
*Physical Therapists
*Occupational Therapists

Dr. DoAnn Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, a former graduate of Dr. Kaneko’s Shiatsu Massage School of California will be teaching these classes. Dr. Kaneko has taught thousands of students since the founding of his former Shiatsu massage school and healed a variety of ailments with this powerful therapy. Join us and learn from his expertise these unique healing methods to benefit your clients, family, friends and yourself. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma has proven to be a powerful therapy that can complement and enhance many other healing modalities.


Date: Friday-Sunday, October 4-6, 2024
Time: 9am-6pm, (with a 1 hour lunch break)
Place: In Pacific Palisades
Stay tuned for enrollment link

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Shiatsu Anma Therapy: DoAnn’s Short and Long Forms which comes with a FREE Anma Meridian Massage Therapy video link. You can purchase that here. Students will be required to complete the assigned readings emailed to them before the first class.

TRANSCRIPT/CERTIFICATION: A transcript can be given at the successful completion of each class. Once all 3 classes are taken a certificate of completion for Shiatsu Anma Therapy will be given.

For questions email: info@kanekohealingarts.com

Class Cautions 

  • If you’re allowed to practice with someone outside your home, please take all the precautions to keep yourself safe, including but not limited to: Covid-19 testing, screening, taking temperature, wearing masks, wearing face shields, working in a well-ventilated room, washing hands thoroughly and using hand sanitizer.
  • Be knowledgeable of your partners health conditions and that practicing shiatsu anma on him/her will not cause any harm
  • If any health conditions, either yours or your partners is questionable regarding the practice of shiatsu anma, please consult your physician for advice
  • Understand that pain can be an indicator that something is wrong. Pay attention and continuously check with your partner that he/she is okay while you are practicing on him/her and that the pressure is not too hard. The concept of “No Pain, No Gain” is not applicable in shiatsu anma.
  • If no one is available to practice on you may use a couch cushion or pillow.

Refund Policy

Students will receive a full refund if they cancel 7 days before the start of the class. If students cancel 6 days or less before the start date, students will receive an 80% refundRefunds for cancellation after the start date of the classes and for individual classes are based on a pro-rata calculation, which is below. Students will be charged for the hours of instruction up to the date student formally cancels his or her enrollment.  Any refund due to the student, if any, will be made within 5 business days of the formal cancellation date. To cancel a course, email info@kanekohealingarts. If a student cancels due to COVID related reasons, please let us know.

Refunds are based on the following formula and on advanced payment in full:

10% Hours of Instruction 70% refund
25% Hours of Instruction, 60% refund
50% Hours of Instruction, 50% refund
60% Hours of Instruction, 40% refund
75% Hours of Instruction, 30% refund
100% Hours of Instruction, No refund

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