A young office manager for an optometry office was referred to me after being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by her physician. When she came in, she explained that her pain was in both wrists and she had to wear braces on both to work. Through tears she explained that every night she would wake up screaming and crying because the pain and the throbbing was so bad. She also told me she was scheduled for surgery in three weeks and that she really didn’t want to go through with it but didn’t know of any other options. This was the worst Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I had ever heard of. I applied pressure to specific shiatsu points and used amna techniques to loosen certain muscles. When she came back the next week, she said 50% of her pain was gone. After the second session, 80% of her pain had been released and that she cancelled her surgery. After the third shiatsu anma treatment, she was pain free and it never came back. This is now over 20 years since she first came to see me.

Alan Saruwatari, CST

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