Meditation, prayers, affirmation, and chanting with faith nurtures and strengthens our soul, like medicinal food. Spiritual practice is the sixth golden gate for a miraculous, happy and healthy life.  An old Japanese proverb reveals the ancient wisdom of spiritual practice as a counter measure to prevent illness, “Yamai wa ki kara” which means, “Sickness comes from one’s spirit”. This means that imbalance and stagnation of mental qi or one’s attitude, can affect the path of an illness, for better or for worse.

This truth provides guidance into ways to manage our health and to avoid the causes of sickness.  Taoism and Lotus Faith Healing medicine teach the philosophy of oneness, as body and mind are one and inseparable like the oxygen we breathe. Body-mind is a well-known term of “oneness of Yin and Yang” and dualistic monism. The mind and body interact constantly like the Heaven and Earth and time and space.

But now, according to our traditional belief and lifestyle, the mind initiates illness in the body. “Yamai wa ki kara” awakens us and brings enlightenment into our lives. It says disease is caused by unhealthy mental, emotional and spiritual living conditions like depression, anger, envy, worry, hate, resentment, selfishness and all negative thoughts, which are very toxic.

When working on chronic conditions, stress management and mental health are priority issues before addressing physical complaints. By maintaining and evolving our spiritual practice with meditation, prayers and chanting, so do we strengthen our soul, and so do miracles infuse our lives. Faith healing is one of the most remarkable issues. Faith to the divine influences our DNA level. This discovery is one of the hottest topics in science articles.

Faith healing belongs to the area of epigenetic factors that opens up the healing potential that go beyond inheritable genes. Some scientific sources say it is possible to change DNA information, to protect the telomeres, and consequently to tap into the miracles of the great universe on a cellular level, a factor for longer life.

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