Prayers for the Holiday Season:
Time to Strengthen our Faith Healing 

Since we are nearing the celebration time for Jesus’s birthday, I want to share my interpretation from a Buddhist perspective of what this time means. Figuratively speaking, we are reborn every single day. Every day is our birthday. Jesus Christ healed and saved countless people in his 30 years of life. In this season I appreciate and give prayers to Shakyamuni Buddha who lived up to 80 years old. He preached to numerous people of wisdom, compassion and Qi or vital force for 45 years.

I have learned how important it is to pray with faith every day and tap deep into our Buddha nature at every second of our breath. What we are today is the result of our past lives beyond our ancestors, our origins in the ocean, and even beyond our life on earth. This moment of our breath is a way to connect to our source of life and feel the unlimited cosmic consciousness in every one of the 7 chakras through prayers. Breath is full of eternal and miraculous vibration and light. When I focus on it, I definitely feel a strong, healing, boosting immune power that reverses aging.

The state of praying is deeper than meditation. It is a moment to appreciate and receive the power of love with wisdom so that we can cultivate the Qi that both Jesus Christ and Shakmnuni Buddha shared. Life is a continuity of miracles of cosmic consciousness. How we function now is a consequence of the miracles of the universe. We should not take endless miracles for granted in the midst of difficulties and challenges. No matter what happens our faith should never be compromised. Neverending miracles continue occurring through appreciation, regardless of what is on our wish list, because everyone has a Buddha and Christ nature within that they can tap into.

I introduce many forms of prayers in my classes. For example the prayers in the morning to the universe, the prayers to my water and meal, along with twice a day Buddhist medicine chanting/prayers, and during my practice with patients. Let’s keep praying for world peace, unconditional happiness and love every breath and every day. May our mindful breaths take us to a wonderful 2022!

If you want to know more about the power of prayer I highly recommend reading Prayer is Good Medicine by Larry Dossey, M.D. He talks about how to reap the healing benefits of prayer.

Let us pray that love, healing power, and unconditional happiness prevail for our family, friends, humankind, and living creatures.

We just launched Points to Healing on Youtube!

We’ll be exploring a wide range of topics to help you live a happier and healthier life. Each week we will bring to you something new that you can apply to your life in Transcendental ways. We will not only share our knowledge and experiences but introduce others to share as well in our videos.

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Pressure Point of the Day

G.V. 15, Gate of the Deaf and Mute, is located between the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae. For me, this is one of the most important pressure points in the psychosomatic neuroendocrine system. I call it the gate of our pharmacies within. It allows you to access your own body’s tranquilizers and is located below the Medulla oblongata. I explain the function of this Medulla below. Because fall and autumn bring the energy of melancholy, grief, sadness, this is a good pressure point for these emotions. However, G.V. 15 is also good to use year-round.

Traditionally, this pressure point is good for epilepsy, stroke, speech difficulty, posterior headache, nosebleed, neurosis, and hysteria. I like to use this for my patients to potentially balance brain chemistry for the following cases:

Stress management by regulating cortisol, depression by increasing serotonin and dopamine, and insomnia by increasing melatonin. My patients often respond by saying it feels so good! It releases negative and heavy congestion from the mind.  I always ask my patients to focus on abdominal Dantian breathing when I apply deep pressure on the point. I also incorporate another pressure point of the Third Eye when I apply pressure. It brings an immediate experience of transformation from the physical body to Dharma consciousness which is filled with compassion and peace.

The brainstem controls the autonomic nervous system which regulates the body’s involuntary functions like breathing, digestion, maintaining blood pressure and temperature, and circulating blood. The reticular activating system which regulates sleep patterns also resides here.

Cranial nerves help the brain stem function. 10 of 12 cranial nerves reside in the brainstem and the first two cranial nerves control smell and vision. Nerves 3 through 8 begin in the midbrain and pons, and nerves nine through 12 begin in the medulla.

  • Cranial nerve 9 is the glossopharyngeal nerve, and it controls swallowing, taste, and saliva production.
  • Cranial nerve 10 is the vagus nerve, which plays a role in breathing, heart function, and digestion. This nerve is also the source for parasympathetic stimulation, which controls hormone release.
  • Cranial nerve 11 is the accessory nerve, and controls the muscles in the upper back and neck. This nerve allows you to turn your head and shrug your shoulders.
  • Cranial nerve 12 is the hypoglossal nerve. This nerve controls tongue movement and is important for speech and swallowing.

These sections of the brain and their cranial nerves relay messages to the spinal cord and the rest of the body to perform our basic life functions.

Boost Your Immune System:
Effective Ways to Keep You Safe

The holidays are coming – as well possible risk of flus, colds and other viruses as we move into fall, winter and colder climates. Getting together with family and friends this season, we’ll want to protect ourselves and our families even better with time-honored, simple and natural ways to strengthen our immune system. Learn from Dr. Kaneko, a doctor of Chinese medicine and healing practitioners for over 50 years as he shares his knowledge and experiences through applicable techniques and theory. This online series of (2) classes is based upon the integration of Energetic and Quantum medicine. Each class will be 3 hours long.


Lecture: The Immune System According to Eastern Medicine
* Changing your constitution to boost your immune system
* Healing Paradigm / Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit
* Three realms of your microcosm

* Liandan – Pelvic Floor Exercise
* Daoyin 1- Caring for of Our Major Organs
* Qigong 1 – For the Kidney and Heart Energetic System
* Dantian Breathing 1- Taoist Way and Breath of Fire
* Faith Healing & Chakra


Lecture: The Immune System According to Western Medicine
* Our immune system response
* Intestinal battlefield
* Medicinal Foods & Eating Habits

* Daoyin 2 – Strengthening Two Master Channels
* Shaking, Squatting, Laughter
* Qigong 2 – For Triple Heater, Lung
* Dantian Breathing 2 – Microcosmic Orbit
* Breathing – Guided Meditation

Date: 2 Saturdays, December 4 & 11
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm Pacific Standard Time
Lecture: 9:30am-11:00am
Practice: 11:00am-12:30pm
Fee: Early bird special: up to Nov 27, $110 for 2 days. After November 27 $125.
Deadline to register: Wednesday, December 1st.
To register, send a paypal payment to info@kanekohealingarts.com
To learn more about Dr. Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, visit https://kanekohealingarts.com/about-us/

Community Classes in Santa Monica

 Sunday, January 14 –  March 4, 2022

Winter Qigong in Santa Monica!

This class, which will teach Dr. Kaneko’s healing paradigm and powerful healing modalities, will enhance your life force to help protect you from viruses and illness. Join us to learn about our safe, natural and effective ways to survive and prosper under the new normal.

Two Qigong styles will be taught:

Baduanjin with 8 silk movements that stretch the extremities, spine, and meridians, and Tree Qigong stances, which are gentle but transformational with vigorous abdominal breathing.

In addition, we’ll practice, Daoyin, which is a form of exercise to generate the chi energy and blood flow to vital organs. Daoyin stimulates the vital points and meridians in order to clean the stagnation of the various systems, vitalize the tissues and improve the circulation on a cellular level. 15 Daoyin movements that utilize the pressure points and abdominal breath will be taught.

Handouts will be applied, and additional teaching material is available upon request. Dr. Kaneko also incorporates a focus on building a strong faith in the body’s own healing process. To learn more about him visit.

Bring a yoga mat, or something comfortable to sit or lie on, and wear clothing for exercise

Registration is now open for Santa Monica residents, and on Wednesday, November 10, at 6 a.m. for non-Santa Monica residents.

Dates: 8 Fridays, January 14 to March 14, 2022
Time: 4:30pm – 5:45pm
Location: Marine Park Building
City of Santa Monica
1406 Marine St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Fees: Santa Monica residents – $183, Non-SM residents – $210

To register, click here.

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