A young woman came into the office with a diagnosis from her MD of Fibromyalgia. She had, for the past two years gone through extensive treatments and tests, but nothing helped. In fact, she brought and gave me a copy of all the treatments she had gone through. There were so many pages she stapled them together. She had pain all over her body which kept her from being the very active and athletic person she once was. I said to her “let’s start with the pain issues that’s giving you the most problem.” Using shiatsu anma I treated her upper back, neck and shoulders. The next week she came back and said she felt a little better and was hopeful. After her third session she was feeling so much better, she decided to go with friends, white water rafting. She was very apprehensive and nervous because anytime she did any physical activity, the following day she was in excruciating pain. But the day after white water rafting, very little pain! She continued for close to ten treatement session with me and at the end of that time she left pain free. 

Alan Saruwatari, CST

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