Menstrual & Gynecological Issues: A Healthy Lifestyle Defines your Happy Cycles

If you have any menstrual or gynecological issues, try these recommendations to see improvement.

1. You are what you eat

a. Whole grain: wheat, brown rice, oats, quinoa Vit.E & Zinc, Magnesium, Vit.B6
   Whole grain: rice, barley, corn, rye, millet, buckwheat, oats, amaranth Vit.B12

b. Vegetables:

* Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprout, spinach, carrot, parsley Vit.E
* Turnip greens, watercress, kale, Chinese cabbage, okra Calcium, Vit.B12
* Green vegetables Folic Acid, Provitamin A
* Deep yellow vegetables: carrots, pepper corn Provitamin A, Vit.B12

c. Nuts & seeds: almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower, sesame seeds, hazel nuts, Brazilian nuts, pistachio Vit.E, Vit.B12,  Zinc, Magnesium, Vit.B12

d. Fishes: Salmon, tuna, sardine, eel, trout, mackerel, anchovy, butterfish Omega 3 Fatty Acid
Fishes: Tuna, Sardine, mackerel, anchovy, abalone, bass, cod, herring Vit.B12
Shellfish: Oyster Zinc

e. Seaweeds: wakame, hijiki, kunbu,kelp, arame, mekabu Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc

f. Legumes: Azuki, soybeans, mung, black, lima beans Magnesium, Vit.B 12

g. Soup Calcium
1. Bone marrow (Fish, meat, chicken)
2. Grain & Green (barley & kale)
3. Beans & seaweeds (azuki & hijiki)

h. Ferments: Tempeh, miso, yogurt, tofu, soy source Vit.B12

i. Algae: Micro-algae spirulina, chlorella, wild blue-green Vit.B12

j. Dairy: Cheese, cottage chees, butter, yogurt, milk  Vit.B12

k. Meat & egg: Chicken liver, beef liver, beef kidney, beef heart, grass fed meat, fowl, egg  Vit.B12

l. Fatty acid: primrose oil, black currant oil, borage oil, spirulina Gamma-linolenic acid

m. Herbs and seasonings: Dill, marjoram, ginger (for warming), honey, dang gui root tea, and formula (Dang Gui Shao Yan San, Si Wu Tang, Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan, Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang, Tao He Cheng Qi Tang, and many more formulas)

If you have heat symptoms like early, heavy bright red or dark red menses with dark purple clots, painful and expanded breasts, dark scanty urine, thirst, or desire for cold drinks, eat more of the following: spinach, letters, celery, chard, kale, collard greens parsley, carrots, mung beans, tofu, millet and spirulina.  

If you have cold symptoms like scanty purplish-black menses, abundant clear urine, and are attracted to warm drinks and foods the following foods would be beneficial: more oats, sweet rices, black peppercorn, dill, caraway, basil, black beans, and butter. A small amount of dairy and animal meat is necessary. Limit cold temperature food, fruits and raw food.

Things to avoid: smoking environnment, coffee, refined sugar, oral contraceptives, and IUD’s                                     

2. You are what you digest:  Daily Abdominal Massage. Please refer to my Self-Ampuku. (Here is a sample: https://youtu.be/bWP6_WgdQ1s)

3. You are your actions – Get the qi & blood moving: Pelvic floor exercises, Qigong, yoga, daoyin, kapu-masatsu (scrubbing skin with a dry towel over meridians and lymphatic circulation)

4. You are how you relate to the universe: sunbathing, forest bathing, ocean bathing, hot-spring mineral bathing

5. You are what you believe: Faith healing, growing pains are inevitable, suffering is optional, transform pain through my guided meditation. Resilient determination, hope with conviction, greater self. Please refer to my Transssage – self-hypnotic, guided, abdominal breathing meditation. (Here is a sample: https://youtu.be/QmXufR8iM-Y)


Pitchford, Paul. Healing with Whole Foods : Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition. 3rd ed., Berkeley, Calif. North Atlantic Books, 2009.* 

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