Complement Western Approach with Eastern Healing:
Guided Movements and Therapy

Alan Saruwatari, Shiatsu Anma Therapist and Qi Gong Practitioner, has developed online classes to help relieve pain issues, decrease stress and anxiety and balance overall energy from the safety of your home.

Shiatsu Anma Movement Classes on Zoom ($20 per class)

•Whole body energy balancing through guided pressure point form
•Stretching for muscle releasing
•Self-healing techniques
•9:00 am on Sundays

Qi Gong Classes on Zoom ($20 per class)

•Prevent, Intervene and Treat Illnesses and Ailments
•Stress and Anxiety Reduction
•Meditation and Movements
•10:30 am on Saturdays

Contact: Alan Saruwatari
Email: shiatsuwatari@gmail.com
Phone/Text: (310) 592-0523

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Start the new year learning whole body energetic balancing! Registration is now open!
Learn one of the most effective healing modalities, Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Therapy. An integration of both a Japanese & ancient Chinese modality, each class will cover different parts of the body with a review from the previous classes.
🍁Who is this class for?
*Lay people
*Massage Therapists
*Physical Therapists
*Occupational Therapists
🍁Students will learn
*The sequence of the DoAnn Long Form section by section
*To identify 12 meridians and 100 pressure points
*3 basic techniques and 7 additional techniques
*Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Anma theory and practice
🍁January 9-11 & 23-25
9am-6pm, Pacific Standard Time
Online through Zoom and in person location to be announced
Early Bird: Until December 23, $435
($15 off), after December 23, $450,
Individual class $80
🍁Register at this link: