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    Kaneko Healing Arts integrates Eastern healing modalities such as energetic medicine with Western health modalities for a healthy, body, mind & spirit. Our mission is to help people to awaken their healing potential within and to guide them to optimum health and happiness.

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Patience is one of the most important healing elements.

Pain is inevitable from birth to death. True patience lies in bearing the unbearable.

And we learn that patience is a remedy for every grief. Patience is indeed a virtue.

- Dr. Kaneko

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Boost Your Immune System: Effective Ways to Keep You Safe

The holidays are coming – as well possible risk of flus, colds and other viruses as we move into fall, winter and colder climates. Getting together with family and friends this season, we’ll want to protect ourselves and our familes even better with time-honored, simple and natural ways to strengthen our immune system.

Learn from Dr. Kaneko, a doctor of Chinese medicine and healing practitioners for over 50 years as he shares his knowledge and experiences through applicable techniques and theory. This online series of (2) classes is based upon the integration of Energetic and Quantum medicine. Each class will be 3 hours long.


Lecture: The Immune System According to Eastern Medicine
* Changing your constitution to boost your immune system
* Healing Paradigm / Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit
* Three realms of your microcosm


* Liandan – Pelvic Floor Exercise
* Daoyin 1- Caring for of Our Major Organs
* Qigong 1 – For the Kidney and Heart Energetic System
* Dantian Breathing 1- Taoist Way and Breath of Fire
* Faith Healing & Chakra


Lecture: The Immune System According to Western Medicine
* Our immune system response
* Intestinal battlefield
* Medicinal Foods & Eating Habits


* Daoyin 2 – Strengthening Two Master Channels
* Shaking, Squatting, Laughter
* Qigong 2 – For Triple Heater, Lung
* Dantian Breathing 2 – Microcosmic Orbit
* Breathing – Guided Meditation

Date: 2 Saturdays, December 4 & 11
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm Pacific Standard Time
Lecture: 9:30am-11:00am Practice: 11:00am-12:30pm
Fee: Early bird special: up to Nov 27, $110 for 2 days. After November 27 $125.
Deadline to register: Wednesday, December 1st.
To register, send a paypal payment to info@kanekohealingarts.com

We hope to see you there!
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