Boost Your Immune System: Effective Ways to Keep You & Your Family Safe

Location: Online through Zoom
Course: Boost Your Immune System
Topic: Effective Ways to Keep You & Your Family Safe
Time: 10:00AM-05:00PM *Please arrive 5 minutes early since we will start promptly at 10:00am.
     Theory: 10am-12pm
     Lunch: 12-1pm
     Practice: 1-5pm
Date: 19-June-2021
For More Details: https://www.kanekohealingarts.com/boost-your-immune-system-effective-ways-to-keep-you-your-family-safe/



Learn how to strengthen your immune system with natural healing techniques learned from a Grandmaster specializing in the healing arts for 50 years. This 6-hour webinar is based on the integration of Energetic & Quantum medicine and will go more in-depth than the Intro to Boost Your Immune Systems webinars.

You will learn about improving your resistance power with these methods:

* Nentan pelvic floor exercises to empower the Kidney essence
* Qigong and Daoyin to strengthen and cultivate your Qi
* Scrubbing the skin to improve circulation and activating your self-defense mechanism
* Immersing your body in a Yin and cold energy, not avoiding the Yin/cold
* Eating and drinking medicinal foods
* Good eating habits, drinking enough water, Hara Hachibunme
* Fasting (Monday fasting, intermittent fasting), and many more…

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