Video #3, November 17, 2021

Alan: So Kaneko Sensei, what is qi gong and daoyin?

Dr. Kaneko:What is Qi Gong? Qi in Chinese means energy or life force, “Gong” means fostering. Qigong is the way to strengthen your life force and Daoyin is the way to pull in the cosmic Energy and guide it to your energetic system. Now Lung Qigong will open your chest cavity and bring in a protective and healing power

Dr. Kaneko: Are you ready, let’s dive in !!

Demonstration #1: Qigong for the Lungs and Kidney

Demonstration #2: Daoyin

Ok my friends! This time, let me introduce another powerful exercise, Daoyin for the Sanjiao, also known as Triple heater which regulates your metabolism. See my below charts. The first frontal chart shows pressure points, C.V.6,12,17 (conception vessel) and the back chart shows points G.V.4, 6, 11 (governing vessel).

Please keep practicing 3 things:

#1. Dantian breathing
#2. Twisting exercise
#3. Tapping the Sanjiao pressure points in the front and back.

It’s important to feel a release of stagnant energy. Let’s make it real by disciplined practice with resilient determination and faith. Please practice what you are learning as much as possible on a daily basis and share it with your people as it works well. Our goal is to get your Qi & Blood moving into your ECM (extra-cellular matrix) and make your DNA happy!

Alan: Wow, this was a great introduction to qigong and daoyin!

Dr. Kaneko::  Yes, my friends! You are learning 4,000 years of wisdom for your well-being similar in many respects to yoga.  My qigong is totally different from other forms of qigong in 3 ways. No one teaches Qigong this way/

    1. >It is internal Kungfu. It doesn’t have graceful, showy movements with beautiful costumes.

It strengthens the internal organs by vigorous Yin contracting & Yang expanding forces with powerful Dantian breathing, pressure points and visualizing meridians.

Alan: To learn more about this stance, one of 8 taught in our Winter Qigong community classes click here.  We also include Qigong in our upcoming 2-day Immune Boosting class which incorporates other healing modalities you can find out about here.

Video #2, November 8, 2021

My Friends !! You will learn how to cultivate your own fighting power in your lovely tummy. This abdominal massage is called anpuku.

But before participating in any of our anpuku demonstrations, wait at least 30 minutes after eating. Please consult your doctor for advice if you are bleeding, or have any acute or severe infections and/or inflammation.

Because of Covid, and its variants like Delta, it is important that we learn ways to help support and strengthen our immune system. What we are about to teach is not meant to take the place of the vaccine or any other forms of treatment but complement them and by providing ways we can easily integrate it into our lives.

Shiats’anma therapy is 4,000 years old, not 400 years !!  Shi means finger, Atsu means pressure. means pressure too, Ma means rubbing. Combined we have Kaneko Shiats’anma, a powerful form of therapy applied along the meridian and pressure points to treat a variety of conditions.

Guess what ?! We have 365 pressure points on 12 major meridians in the body.

Today, let me introduce Kaneko Shiats’anma, and its Anpuku (in Japanese) abdominal treatment to enhance the immune system

You may ask, “How does working on the abdomen help boost my immune system?” My friends,  it works without a doubt!!

Dantian (Tanden in Japanese) is the secret field of longevity. It is a mysterious, miraculous and mighty energy center. I call it the invisible heart which generates invisible Qi that is your own natural healing power. Also I name it the roots of the kidney energy.

Indeed the small intestine has its own unique immune system called GALT (The gut-associated lymphoid tissue). The abdomen is also considered the second brain.  4 major benefits of anpuku are digestive, cleansing, immune-boosting and relaxing effects.

Demonstration #1
1 or 2 circles under the ribs above the pubic bone clockwise. You can count up to 108 times. 108 times is a very profound number you do not want to forget. 

Demonstration #2
Now, let’s add to this. Rub 7 times back and forth under the ribs and above the pubic bone like a diamond shape. 

Now let me introduce 4 Pressure Points for the G.I. (gastrointestinal) system, and immune system. These are, C.V. 12 above the navel for the stomach, C.V. 5  below the navel for the small intestine, left S.T. 25 for the descendant colon, and right S.T. 25 for the ascendent colon next to the navel. These 4 points are about 1 fist size distant from the navel.

Breathe in and exhale while you apply pressure for about 5 seconds. Move through the points 3 times.

Feel how things are changing in your abdomen. You need to feel the qi and blood moving in there.  Let’s make it real by disciplined practice with resilient determination and faith. Please practice on a daily basis and share it with your people as it works well. Our goal is to get your Qi & Blood moving into a microscopic cellular level through the ECM (extracellular matrix) and to make your DNA happy!

If you would like to learn more comprehensive methods on this topic, Kaneko Sensei will be teaching a series of 2 online classes on boosting your immune system naturally December 4th and 11th, 9:30 – 12:30pm PST. For more info visit:  https://tinyurl.com/krr8skjv

Video #1, November 1, 2021

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