Stretches and movements/floor work: Animal actions increase flexibility!

These fish and five animals actions energize the limbic system by engaging the most primitive and fundamental function of fish animals.  Practiced on the floor, these exercises will pump the muscles and tendons as well as improve the joint’s flexibility.

Aerobic modalities. Age gracefully!

Other beneficial aerobic exercises such as, swimming, jogging (quick and slow pace), aerobics, fast walking, hiking (uphill and downhill) with plenty of deep breathing, aids to improve physical endurance. These types of movements increase the mitochondria that produce everyday stamina.  Who doesn’t need stamina – and it’s free so long as one works for them!


Anaerobic – Glycolytic modality: Get toned!

Practicing  quick, vigorous and momentum actions while holding the breath, is different from an aerobic energy system exercise.  The movements need to use a faster energy cycle with less oxygen.  These types of exercises which are classified under the Glycolytic system, include quick, short sprints of running, swimming, and weightlifting. Muscles will become more defined and stronger through these anaerobic exercises.

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