The question for you is, What are you learning out of this pandemic? How to ZOOM in and ZOOM out? Hahaha! Are you able to show up in a timely manner with a shining face in each meeting? Are you gaining the confidence to overcome this pandemic?

As some of you may have heard me say, there is a vicious cycle in our western medicine drug culture today.  In my last newsletter, I raised the point that drug-resistant microbial forces are inevitable. I concluded that we need to boost our own immune power using our body’s inner pharmacy.  You need to know how to access your own body’s healing power. It is time to revive the traditional eastern healing arts. We treasure Traditional Taoist & Chinese Medicine, Yoga & Hindu-Ayurvedic medicine, and Buddhist medicine. I present these eastern traditional values with modern quantum medicine.  It is very exciting to present this crystallization of powerful healing arts. Please join us for our 3 upcoming webinars on how to boost the Immune system in June to learn more.

You will discover natural, safe and effective healing modalities based on my Healing Paradigm. One of our goals is to teach your family members how to help each other by sharing this wisdom and compassion as you gain limitless Qi through our program.

I also want to inspire the general public to learn how to boost their immune power through Family Shiatsu practice at home. Given the important healing power of the hands and the loving power of touch, now more than ever is the perfect time to incorporate “Family Healing”.

To maintain and extend the benefits of Family Shiatsu, every person is responsible for upgrading his or her lifestyle. By integrating the body, mind, and spirit you will be a winning team. In my webinar, you will learn how to awaken your potential healing abilities in the 3 realms of the energetic system: The Jing or the Kidney’s vital force for immunity, Shen, or the Heart’s power of positive intention and love, and the Qi of cosmic consciousness for healing miracles. I will also introduce my healing paradigm which is earnestly based on faith healing. In my Healing Paradigm, the essence of kidney Jing 精, Identity of Heart Shen 神,  and Qi 気 of our universe, are realized in the 3 dimensions of the lower, middle and upper Dantian respectively. My healing paradigm consists of 7 Golden Gates of healing miracles that constantly take place in the great universe that regulates our Qi.

There are a variety of methods to awaken the healing potential of Jing, Shen and Qi and ways to integrate them: From Daily Lotus Faith Healing (prayers, affirmations), Taoist meditation, Transssage (guided meditation), Qigong, Daoyin,  Kanpu Masatsu,  the goldfish, frog exercise, breath of fire, music hands for tapping the shoulders in the family, monkey business for laughter, eating whole, medicinal foods, drinking potent elixirs, and healthy eating habits.

Join our upcoming webinars June 5, 12 and 19 to learn more. See below.

Gasho. Best wishes,

Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko
Healer, Instructor, Author
Kaneko Healing Arts

Calling All Shiatsu Massage School of California Graduates!!

We’re starting a Shiatsu Massage School of California Facebook Alumni Page!

It’s a place to reconnect, share stories, articles, and shiatsu/healing arts love. Spread the word to others from SMSC!

We’re curious to learn about our alumni when you join. Please tell us the following about yourself!

We’re still trying to provide academic information and would love your testimonial which we will post on our website and Facebook page. If you’d like you can either share it when you join the group or send us an email at info@kanekohealingarts.com. We deeply appreciate it!

We hope you can spread the word to other alumni classmates about our FB page! See you there.

You can find the group here


Pressure Point St. 7 for Healthy Yawning
I enjoy a few moments to yawn during my daily chanting and prayers. As I sit on a cushion in front of my altar, I realize I am so fortunate and blessed to be able to feel the miraculous power of the universe in the middle of our chaotic society while still in a pandemic, and fighting  gun violence, hate crimes, prejudice, anti-democratic forces, and anti-globalism. Also, we can not escape mother earth’s alarming messages in the form of fires, earthquakes, and other calamities. Under this ongoing pressure, I have a moment of peace and happiness. I have a sense of being loved and feel a loving power. I feel a powerful protection from the heavenly father and the vital power of mother earth. I feel a great connection with my immortal parents through Dantian Breathing and I appreciate it. I respect and love them. When I feel this deep and overwhelming feeling I feel relaxed.

Can you yawn if you’re not relaxed? Yes! We can yawn as we train and condition our healthy mental habits. I just feel the point St.9. and apply pressure to open this space in the mandibular fossa in front of the ear opening. When you open your mouth you find this cavity and when you close your mouth it pushes your finger up. I squeeze my eyes and face and open my mouth widely. At the same time I take a large, long abdominal inhalation and short exhalation, then my first yawning happens. This breathing is opposite of a regular breathing pattern. If a yawn does not happen, press this St. 9 on both sides as you keep opening your mouth. You’ll feel a release of energy and trigger to yawn. Once it happens it’s contagious, yawning will keep happening.

You can really get into a habit of yawning even when you are under stress. This is one of the ways to help with your stress management. You better believe that you can feel relaxed just by the power of your intention. This is a great way to purposefully relax.


We’ve changed our Orientation content!

June Topic: Boosting the Immune System

Come take a look at the classes, webinars and workshops we’ll be offering, from Immune Boosting, to Kaneko Shiatsu Anma, to Qigong. Get to know Dr. Kaneko, one of the pioneers of Shiatsu in the US, a 2nd generation healer, and 50-year specialist and Alan Saruwatari, one of Dr. Kaneko’s most dedicated graduates of the former Shiatsu Massage School of California.

This month we’ll cover:

How to promote the lung’s respiratory power through Lung Qi Qigong
How to change your constitutional power through dry skin scrubbing (kanpu masatsu) 
* How to cultivate your prenatal constitutional power through  nentan Dantian kneading , pelvic floor exercise
* How to boost your immune power through Anpuku: abdominal massage
* How to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Contact: Lisa Kaneko at lisa@kanekohealingarts.com to register. A 6 student minimum is required to hold these webinars. So please tell your friends! You must register and confirm your attendance by Friday, June 4th at 9PM PST.
For more info visit: kanekohealingarts.com


Events in June

We are offering 2 free webinars on June 5 and June 12. The first Saturday will focus on the Theory the second Saturday will focus on Practice. Both will introduce you to the full-length webinar on June 19th. We hope you can attend both!

Good news! We are convinced that our eastern healing culture and tradition can prevent you from getting viruses. It’s a matter of living a healthy lifestyle with families and friends.

This webinar is based on the integration of Energetic & Quantum medicine. You will be able to improve your resistance power with these methods:

* Nentan pelvic floor exercises to empower the Kidney essence
* Qigong and Daoyin to strengthen and cultivate your Qi
* Scrubbing the skin to improve circulation and activating your self-defense mechanism
* Immersing your body in a Yin and cold energy, not avoiding the Yin/cold
* Eating and drinking medicinal foods
*Good eating habits, drinking enough water, Hara Hachibunme
* Fasting (Monday fasting, intermittent fasting), and many more…

Date: June 5 & June 12,10am-11am PST
Deadline to register and RSVP: June 3 & June 10 9PM PST.
To register: email lisa@kanekohealingarts.com
We hope to see you there!

This 6 hour webinar will cover the material introduced in the Intro to Immune Boosting Webinars more in depth. It will also be split up into 2 parts: Theory in the morning and Practice in the Afternoon.

The content is based on the integration of Energetic & Quantum medicine. You will be able to improve your resistance power with these methods:

* Nentan pelvic floor exercises to empower the Kidney essence
* Qigong and Daoyin to strengthen and cultivate your Qi
* Scrubbing the skin to improve circulation and activating your self-defense mechanism
* Immersing your body in a Yin and cold energy, not avoiding the Yin/cold
* Eating and drinking medicinal foods
*Good eating habits, drinking enough water, Hara Hachibunme
* Fasting (Monday fasting, intermittent fasting), and many more…

We hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday, June 12
Time: Theory 10am-12pm, Break 12-1pm, Practice 1-5PM PST
Fee: $60
To register click here.
Registration deadline is June 10, 9pm PST
*We have a 6 person minimum so tell your friends!
For questions email:Lisa@kanekohealingarts.com

This class, which will teach Dr. Kaneko’s healing paradigm and powerful healing modalities, will enhance your life force to protect you from viruses and illness. Join us to learn about our safe, natural and effective ways to survive and prosper under the new normal.

Two Qigong styles and Daoyin will be taught: Baduanjin with 8 silk movements that stretch the extremities, spine, and meridians, and Tree Qigong stances, which are gentle but transformational with vigorous abdominal breathing. Daoyin is another form of exercise to generate the chi energy and to blood flow to vital organs. Daoyin stimulates the vital points and meridians in order to clean the stagnation of the various systems, vitalize the tissues and improve circulation on a cellular level.

Dr. Kaneko also incorporates a focus on building a strong faith in the body’s own healing process. For Daoyin, we’ll cover movements that utilize the pressure points and abdominal breath will be taught. Handouts will be applied, and additional teaching material is available upon request.

Dr. Kaneko is an acupuncturist, second-generation healer, one of the shiatsu pioneers in the US, a grandmaster Shiatsu Anma therapist, and instructor for 50 years.

Face mask is required. Bring yoga mat, or something to comfortably sit or lie on, and wear clothing for exercise

Date: Fridays July 9 – August 6
Time: 4:00pm – 5:15pm
Fee: $93 for Santa Monica residents
$107 for non-SM residents

Featured Graduate: Geary Whiting

Geary Whiting has been perfecting the art of massage for both horse and rider since 1995.  Trained by one of the most highly revered massage school teachers, Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, L.Ac.,OMD, Ph.D, Geary has received many awards in the area of Shiatsu massage since he first started on his massage journey back in 1981.

A few highlights from amongst a long list of achievements include:

  • 2015: Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Pioneer of Massage Award from the World Massage Festival
  • 2003: The Outstanding Achievement Award in Oriental Medicine from the Shiatsu Massage School of California

I have had a great relationship with Geary since his attendance at the school in the 1980’s. He had the guts to challenge and explore new possibilities. He extended his understanding of Shiatsu & Anma in a whole new world.  Here is his story:

Geary’s Approach

It all starts by creating a real connection with the horse.  Whether you will be a professional working on other people’s horses, or you mainly want to learn to help your own equine partner, creating a true connection is the basis for achieving real transformation so the treatments will be as effective as possible. THE JOIN-UP is very important to allowing the practitioner’s work in and on critical and guarded areas the horse doesn’t like, which are generally the areas which need addressing.

Geary’s Framework

Geary teaches both horse and rider techniques. Why human you might be thinking? In his experience, many of his students found what they learned for the horse was effective for their family, friends, farrier, and trainers. So, since Geary adapted in 1998 the art of Shiatsu from the person to the horse, he has made it very easy to apply to the human, and learn it quickly. The human part is not certifiable, as states require designated hours from a state selected schools, but be assured what you learn will be valuable to your business and friends.

I have found he had the same path as we do now. It is about Family Shiatsu Anma practice at home under this pandemic environment

Visit Geary’s website at: www.gearywhiting.net

Coming Soon!
Ivan Bell, founder of Ryoho Shiatsu, Missions Shiatsu Humanitaire, and creator of the Facebook group History of Shiatsu will interview me for his Blog!

Past Events in 2021


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