Discover Japanese Anma traditional style meridian massage and modern Shiatsu pressure therapy based on Western science fully online. Join us to learn how Shiatsu Anma can complement your acupuncture practice by providing the following:

Hands-on therapy | Enhanced meridian activation | Relaxation and stress relief
Targeted musculoskeletal treatment | The ability to personalize treatment plans.

Class also includes patient care and self-healing modalities.

Classes are currently on hold. Please check back at a later date or sign up to our mailing list to get updates on when the next class will open. Thank you.

Day 1
Neck, Shoulder and Head Pain

9:00-9:15 Opening circle, Introduction.

9:15-9:50 Introduction for Dr Kaneko’s healing paradigm and healing modalities  Overview of course, Outlines, Objective, Preparation

9:50-10:00 Break

10:00-10:20 Anatomy and Energetic system of the back, etiology, pathology and symptomology of the Neck, Shoulder, and Head

10:20 – 10:50 Treatment demonstration in supine, sitting, prone, and side

10:50-11:00  Break

11:00-11:20 Practice #1 in supine, sitting

11:20-11:50  Practice #2  in the prone and side position

11:50-12:00 Break

12:00-12:30 Self-care

12:30-12:45 Review, Q & A, Test

12:45-1:00 Summary and closing circle


DAY 2 
Low back and Hip Pain

9:00-9:15 Opening circle, Introduction.

9:15-9:30  The review of the neck, shoulder, and head

9:30-9:50  Anatomy and Energetic system of the back, etiology, pathology and symptomology of the back and hip.

9:50-10:00 Break

10:00-10:30 Treatment demonstration in the prone, supine, side, and sitting position

10:30-10:50 Practice #1 in the prone position

10:50-11:00  Break

11:00-11:20  Practice #2, supine and side position

11:20-11:50  Practice #3, side and sitting position

11:50-12:00 Break

12:00-12:20  Self-care

12:20-12:45  Review, Q & A, Test

12:45-1:00   Summary and closing circle


DAY 3 
Abdominal issues G.I and GYN 

9:00-9:15 Opening circle, Introduction.

9:15-9:50 The review of the back and hip

9:50-10:00  Break

10:00 – 10:30 Anatomy and Energetic system of the back, etiology, pathology and symptomology of the abdomen

10:30 -10:50 Anpuku Treatment demonstration in the supine position

10:50-11:00  Break

11:00-11:20  Practicing #1 Basic Anpuku Additional

11:20-11:50  Practicing #2 Additional Anpuku

11:50-12:00 Break

12:00-12:20 Self-care

12:20-12:40 Review, Q & A, Test

12:45-1:00  Summary and closing circle

Classes are offered individually and are entirely online through Zoom.

Fee: $97 per class
Taught by Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, Provider #1758
These courses have been approved by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider Number 1758, for 4-12 hours of continuing education.
This is a Category 1 course.
For questions, please email info@kanekohealingarts.com


Refund Policy:

Students will receive a full refund if they cancel 7 days before the start of the class. If students cancel 6 days or less before the start date, students will receive an 80% refund. Refunds for cancellation after the start date of the classes and for individual classes are based on a pro-rata calculation. Students will be charged for the hours of instruction up to the date student formally cancels his or her enrollment.  Any refund due to the student, if any, will be made within 5 business days of the formal cancellation date. To cancel a course, email info@kanekohealingarts. If student cancels due to COVID related reasons, please let us know.

Refunds are based on the following formula and on advanced payment in full:

10% Hours of Instruction 70% refund

25% Hours of Instruction, 60% refund

50% Hours of Instruction, 50% refund

60% Hours of Instruction, 40% refund

75% Hours of Instruction, 30% refund

100% Hours of Instruction, No refund

To cancel a course, email: info@kanekohealingarts.com

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