Healing Others & Helping our Family, Friends and Communities

A. Healing with our Music Hands for kids and parents

Kids can learn and practice some of the simple and fun healing techniques of shiatsu-anma with their parents. They get a chance to see their own innate healing abilities at work while showing their love and gratitude to their parents. These techniques are therapeutic, by relieving tension and aiding in family bonding. To read more about Music Hands 4 Kids Campaign click here.

B. DoAnn’s short and long form

Anma-meridian therapy has at 2000 year old history and it works very well for many kinds of conditions including chronic, constitutional, and psychosomatic. It is also useful in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and an excellent anti-aging therapy.

Dr. Kaneko’s 30 minute whole body, Shiatsu pressure therapy sequence, and 60 minute Anma meridian therapy have been used for more than 30 years.This modality is great for couples, friends, family or clients.  Techniques effectively release body tension and bring on relaxation, among many other things.

Join us to learn this ancient, therapeutic healing modality and bring healing to those around you.

C. Transssage

Transsage is designed to naturally tranquilize and balance your autonomic nervous system through a Shiatsu-pressure sequence combined with abdominal breath and a self-hypnotic mantra. It is a type of guided meditation and a way to experience Eastern and esoteric alchemy medicine. Transssage allows us to tap into our own pharmacy within that houses potencies such as natural melatonin for sleep, endorphins for pain, oxytocin for love,  serotonin for hypertension, dopamine for loss of pleasure, GABA for a foggy brain, noradrenalin for loss of motivation and interest, and opium for a happy mood. There are many possibilities to condition the release of our hormones.

Dr. Kaneko’s formulas will bring you into a higher level of relaxation and meditation as you succeed in opening the three chakras and electromagnetic centers. You can apply these formulas for your own self-meditation then practice it with your family members for their stress management. Acupuncturists and massage therapists also enjoy combining transssage to their therapies to enhance its healing effects.

D. Palm Healing/Te-no-hira therapy

Te (hand) no (of) hira (even) therapy. Our hands have the most powerful healing abilities. It radiates magnetic power. Te-Ate, which means healing in general, includes, placing hands directly on the body. Te-Ate, is the most simple, traditional and universal healing modality. Tenohira, which is a form of Te-Ate, requires a lot of discipline and commitment for healing. But it is a rewarding practice that is safe and effective for the young and old. It is a compassionate healing modality perfect for family and friends.

Reiki is the other type of Tenohira Therapy. Through both touching or hovering the hands over an ailing body area, we become a medium to guide divine light and power from the divine universe to people who need healing. Test it first on yourself as well as your family members to see how it works. Miraculous results have been presented in Mitsui’s book.

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