Qigong-Five Element Treatment postQigong-Five Element Treatment pose

A. Daoyin / Standing stances

The standing stances of Daoyin detoxifies the essential healing system and upgrades the body’s defense mechanism.  Daoyin is an excellent self-healing technique to activate the chi energy and blood flow (clarify blood). Daoyin utilizes pressure points and meridians through pressing, tapping, stretching, and twisting with abdominal breath control. It will help to cleanse the energy flow, release blockages,  maximize unlimited chi, and unleash innate powers for healing.

B. Daoyin / Self treatment

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all toxicities such as retention of blood including bruises and hormonal stagnation, retention of fluid like mucus, edema, retention of gas, fermented food and stagnant feces cause 10,000 kinds of diseases. You need to keep your G.I, urinary bladder, kidney, liver, gall bladder, prostate, uterus, ovaries and other sexual organs as clean as possible. This is a detox program focusing on abdominal manipulation. This includes abdominal pressure and massaging of organs, meridians and pressure points. Simpler but effective energy work are also included.

C. Qigong / Baduanjin: The oriental elixir

A modified version of Baduanjin, a practice originating from China, will be introduced to generate chi energy and pump blood flow to vital organs.  Practitioners will experience the essence and elixir of vital force or chi, through this therapeutic and medical Qigong. This practice is also known as the 8 silken movements, which cultivates stamina, well-being and happiness in one’s life.

Qigong / Tree Qigong  

Gain the wisdom of divine order of the universe. The universal transformation movements of the tree’s life is symbolic in this divine order for the peace and strength we need in everyday life! The universe is in constant change. The different stages in a tree’s life is an excellent example of how the ever-changing cosmic energy manifests continual change. Life itself is in a continual recycling process.  The unchanging law in these constant
changes is one of the mysteries of the universe.

D. Taichi-gong

This combination of T’ai ChiCh’uan movements and Qigong stances increases the vital force with spiritual concentration. With this practice comes the realization of cosmic consciousness and unlimited cosmic power, with the commitment to disciplining one’s life and staying resilient.

Taiqigong eagle pose
Taiqi-gong eagle pose

E. Foot and calf pressure and massage therapy

According to foot reflexology and energetic medicine, which connects internal organs to the lower extremities, the condition of every organ in the body is evaluated and treated in the feet. For example, bodily toxins are often developed then stored in the abdomen and spread to the legs and feet. Consequently, certain pressure points on the feet that are associated to the toxic organs in the abdomen become very tight. It is also reported that foot and calf massage is an excellent practice to empower the immune system and slow down aging. You can apply it on yourself as well as on others.

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