First of all, everyone loves good news, and for one’s DNA it is very important for a healthy life. From the perspective of Quantum medicine, life is an astronomical and divine light. You continue to shine like the sun, the moon, and the stars, and a long-lasting bright light makes people happy. True intrinsic meditation promises you a powerful and positive influence on your bodies, minds, and spirits.

My meditation method gives you a peaceful and vibrant life force by balancing the energy of yin and yang. These experiences are for finding unconditional happiness.

It is an inevitable phenomenon that aging and illness take place in every cell every moment and what you want to do is to wake up from your fundamental darkness, reset your healing programs, build normality, purity, cheerfulness, and regenerate new tissue as much and as long as possible.

I hope that through my class you can realize the wisdom that will lead you to a spiritual lifestyle. This class is recommended for three reasons. # 1 Stress management, # 2 Slowing down aging, gracefully aging, and possibly reversing aging # 3 Leading a spiritual lifestyle wholeheartedly with plentiful, faithful prayers.

Come join me with the beautiful views of Santa Monica beach as I introduce you to Meditation & Breathing techniques that I will be teaching in my 8 week series classes starting Jan 12 – March 1, in Santa Monica.

In this 8 weeks series classes, students will learn 6 meditation techniques from the very basic to the advanced. My meditation style is based on a traditional Taoist style that I customized for an easier and more practical approach. It involves lying on the back or sitting, and even some standing or walking. I teach the concept of the Qi and Blood moving into the cellular level through the meridians and channels, with the help of powerful abdominal breathing. Students will be able to apply this method for stress management, anti-aging, and relaxation.

Yoga mat, or something to comfortably sit or lie on required.

Workshop Fee: $5 which will go to the City of Santa Monica for hosting our event.
Registration: Only onsite registration is available.

For the 8 week series: Students must pre-register by phone or online for the series. To register go to: https://tinyurl.com/y6xdabnm or call the City of SM Community Classes center at 310-458-2239 or email shindospirit@gmail.com to request a registration form to be emailed to you.

If registering online, once you add the class to the cart you will be prompted to create an account. After creating an account you will receive an email link to activate the account. Click on the link in the email and then sign up for the class. For problems signing up, please call 310-458-2239.

8 week class information is below:
Ages 18-80
Location: Camera Obscura, 1450 Ocean Ave,
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Date: Jan 12 – March 1, 8 Sundays
Time: 10:45am – 11:45am
Fee: $143.00 (Santa Monica resident), $164.00 (Non-SM resident)
Street parking or at the Santa Monica Place mall on 320 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90401 (90 minutes free).
Other parking structures are available.








For more info on Dr. Kaneko visit:
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Hope to see you there!



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