Dr. Kaneko had a vision to integrate the fundamental background of his parents’ eastern medicine – the healing arts of Buddhist Medicine’s Japanese family tradition of Oyakoko (filial compassion) in the form of Katatataki (shoulder tapping), and the “E.T.” style movie story with Taketori Monogatari of children’s folklore (The Bamboo Cutter’s tale).

This book will inspire children from ages 5-10 how to relate to parents and grandparents through “music hands”. Here we deal with the timely issues of family values, healing arts, peaceful society and happiness int his new fairytale children’s book, The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man: Based on the Bamboo Cutter’s Tale (published by AuthorHouse).

DoAnn T. Kaneko combines ancient Buddhist philosophy with a whimsical story to teach children the importance of caring for their elders and striving for a peaceful world.

Brightly illustrated and whimsical, The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man teaches an important lesson about the magic of the healing arts. “We can all benefit from music hands,” Kaneko writes. “Kind children can help their parents to enjoy the experience of peace and healing. This is the best gift of all.”

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