We hope that your strong Qi is prevailing and keeping you safe and healthy. I know you have your unique countermeasures and are trying to add more effective ones to protect you and your family. Who doesn’t want to lead a much healthier lifestyle that promotes your own resistant power so that you can proactively move forward without limitations? I hope my past newsletter gave you some guidance on how to succeed in your own proactive lifestyle. I myself am keeping up these principles and updating my healing paradigm that is applicable to many.


Before we go into healing information we are happy to announce the restructuring of our business, Shindo Spirit. Shindo Spirit was created after our Nonprofit organization, the Shiatsu Massage School of  California, and its sister clinic Tao healing Arts center closed in 2014. It had roughly 32 years of history. Our purpose of Shindo Spirit was to promote respect of true family values and cultivate children’s innate healing abilities through Music Hands practice. In this exercise, children learn to tap on their parent’s back and shoulders with music using 7 different techniques. Music Hands is a wonderful way to prevent bullying and violence in schools and communities.

For an additional healing opportunity, I created laughing exercises in the form of Monkey Business to promote happy hormones. To support our goal, we published The Bamboo Princess and Music Hands Man and created a DVD called Music Hands and Monkey Business

 Moving forward, we started on another journey under the name of “Kaneko Healing Arts” after about 50 years of my practicing and teaching career. This last half a century was only my introduction and now you will learn the true essence of my healing paradigm. On this journey, Alan Saruwatari, one of our most dedicated graduates joins us. Interestingly, two of his family members, George Kometani and his daughter Ellen Kometani took our certificate course in the early days of the Shiatsu School. We are very happy and fortunate to work with Alan.

Alan Saruwatari, will play a key role as well as help instruct classes. Alan is a licensed massage therapist and practitioner of Shiatsu-Anma massage for 30 years. Although we will continue to offer similar community classes and workshops in the self-healing arts our emphasis will be teaching the comprehensive Kaneko Shiatsu Anma therapy for family, friends, health professionals and professional therapists including massage therapists. Our goal is to offer the foremost Shiatsu Anma therapy training. Our mission at Kaneko Healing Arts is to help people awaken their healing potential within and to guide them to optimum health and happiness.

Photo credit: https://www.nippon.com/en/japan-glances/jg00127/winter-in-japan.html

Introducing Alan Saruwatari

Hi! My name is Alan Saruwatari, Shiatsu Anma Therapist. I was introduced to the Shiatsu Massage School of California, (SMSC) by my mentor George Kometani and his daughter Ellen and graduated in 1995. I am the owner of One, Natural Healing Center in Torrance, California where the focus of my works is on treating pain conditions including: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendinitis, Sciatica, Headaches/Migraines, Neck and Back Pain and Orthopedic Injuries.

Besides providing treatments, my passion is teaching. I have been providing classes, workshops and trainings since 1990 at local, state and national levels and have written curricula for non-profit and for-profit organizations and companies.

After the SMSC closed in 2014, I met with Kaneko Sensei inquiring about the future of teaching shiatsu anma. At that time, he had no plans on reopening a school and asked me if I was interested in starting a new school. I said yes and he offered his full support. After three years of working on the new school plan, Kaneko Sensei and I decided to work together. Along with his daughter Lisa, we developed and moved forward with our plans. Three years later we renamed his company Shindo Spirit to Kaneko Healing Arts and Shiatsu Anma to Kaneko Shiatsu Anma. I am humbled and honored to work with Kaneko Sensei as we continue building his legacy and further promote and teach his amazing art.

Free Monthly Sunday Orientations

We are excited to announce monthly orientations focusing on Kaneko Shiatsu Anma starting December 6! Every first Sunday of the month our orientations will be held by Grandmaster Dr. DoAnn Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, Dr. Kaneko’s most dedicated graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California.

These monthly orientations will introduce Kaneko Shiatsu Anma to everyone interested in learning. We will also introduce other modalities such as Qigong & Daoyin and Meditation & Breathing. Because of the pandemic and our goal of sharing Kaneko Shiatsu Anma worldwide, we will be offering these orientations as well as classes online through Zoom.

Our upcoming Kaneko Shiatsu Anma class series starting January 10, 2021 will start teaching pressure points for everyday needs and introduce Kaneko Shiatsu Anma to use in tandem. For example, when treating a headache, pressure points would be introduced according to the type and location of the headache and then a demonstration of how to treat these points would follow. In the case of a tension headache, pressure points G.B.12, 20, 21, G.V. 15, U.B.10, would be introduced, and then a soothing (friction), kneading, pressing with Dantian breathing, and neck stretching and traction would be utilized.

Each class includes some of these self-healing methods at the beginning and end. At the end, we’ll review and combine all the sequences and treat the body as a whole for healing the fundamental issue, beyond the local symptoms.

Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Series

These classes are part of a 15 class series that will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma is beneficial for family, friends, and professionals alike. Each class will cover different parts of the body. At the end, we’ll review and combine all the sequences and treat the body as a whole for healing the fundamental issue, beyond the local symptoms.

Grandmaster Dr. DoAnn Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, a former graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California will be teaching these classes.

Healing Paradigm

In the last newsletter I discussed a lifestyle that promotes your immune system. The New Normal: How to Live Wisely to Overcome the Ongoing Pandemic – Part 1. It covered the following topics:

Table of Contents

  • What Coronavirus is Teaching Us
  • A. Faith-Healing/We are What We Believe
  • B. Meditation (and abdominal Dantian Breathing)  – Dr. Kaneko’s Formula
  • B. Breathing Arts
  • C. Dr. Kaneko’s Style Baduanjin Qigong – 8 stances
  • D. Daoyin: Self-healing arts: Massaging, pressing, stretching with Dantian breathing
  •  E-1.  14 Steps of Daoyin
  • E-2. Self-Administered Abdominal Anma massage: 自己按腹(Jiko Anpuku).
  • E-3.  Rubbing the skin with a dry towel
  • E-4. Tapping the  12 Meridians and 2 Vessels
  •  E-5. Treating Pressure Points through Therapeutic Heating through  Moxibustion, Heating Lamp and Hair Dryer
  • F. Immunity-Boosting Medicinal Foods and Eating Habits
  • G. Eating Habits and Fasting
  • H.  Immune Boosting Supplements
  • I. Herbs

You can view the Newsletter, The New Normal:
How to Live Wisely to Overcome 
the Ongoing Pandemic – Part 1 here. 

Let me now share my joy of breathing in this great miracle of the great universe!

My healing paradigms consist of the realization of seven Golden Gates, founded by the powers of the universe that perform perfect miracles.  It is this miracle of the great universe that makes possible natural healing on earth.

I have experienced myriad miracles since my birth.  Guided by wisdom and compassion, through my spiritual practice I have found the key to comprehend and appreciate the precious miracle of life.  I believe that through spirituality I will continue to realize and cultivate more miracles in every moment for eternal cosmic consciousness.  So that we may together enter into this healing paradigm, I shared seven levels of awareness of these precious miracles. These truths of the universe, life, and healing, I call the 7 golden gates. Let me introduce the first one

Does the sun continue returning every morning? Does spring always come after winter? I can’t take these everyday phenomena for granted. Therefore I can’t stop appreciating the power that governs and regulates the universe.

The first gate to open to take the journey towards the truths of the universe, life, and healing is the macrocosmic miracle. As far as my life is concerned, today I have been alive for 73 years.  This is the result of the first miracle I would like to discuss, which is the universal miracle of the divine order of all the phenomena, which persists way, way before my birth across space and time. This macrocosmic miracle is nested within the eternal cosmos as well as our galaxy, our solar system, our earth and our DNA.  This divine order persists across time, from the Big Bang to our earth today.  Because of the miracle in the universe, our mother earth has survived and given all living creatures, including human beings, the miracle of life to live today.

Thank you for the divine universe.  Regardless of my personal efforts, the universe will persist into the distant future.  As in the past where there have been immeasurable mysteries beyond our scientific knowledge, so will these miracles bestow blessings of protection upon the earth.  Thus, may the seasons turn everlasting as the earth continues to orbit around the sun, the moon around the earth, and the sun to rise each morning. It is this miracle of the great universe that makes possible natural healing on earth.


Based on this realization, I began the following prayers. I chant every morning with these prayers to the great nature I can see from my windows or through my regular morning beach training.

“My dear Divine Heavenly Father and Grace Mother Earth, thanks very much for your countless, endless, and limitless miracles throughout the world. Let us pray that your wisdom, compassion and divine, infinite power inspires in us an appreciating, caring, peaceful, pure, smiling, and an unconditionally happy mind. I affirm that this unconditional happiness won’t be disturbed by any distraction, calamities, disasters, misfortunes and any diseases since my body, mind, and spirit are integrated within and with the universe. I feel brilliant oneness with beautiful nature through deep breathing each moment. I treasure you with sincere gratitude.”

Let’s remember that we are never alone. We are one with the universe. Through each inhalation we connect and charge ourselves with the energy from the divine heavenly father, the master of Yang energy that causes spiritual expansion. Through exhalation we tune into grace mother earth, the master of Yin energy that causes contact with physical space. We are blessed by the compassion and healing power in each breath as we turn our attention to more positive news within our lives, that our DNA loves.  Let’s strengthen our relationship with this universe of miracles in every breath we take. You will see your cosmic consciousness start growing and shining.

Breathing Techniques

 Next, I practice Dantian breathing throughout the day. It makes me feel divine, integrated, and harmonized. I feel balanced, energized, peaceful, loved, healed, purified, and my cosmic conscious body transformed to a higher consciousness.  It usually causes instant yawning as a sign of releasing stress. This is a quick and pleasant transformation.

 Another breathing technique I enjoy is wisdom from India that’s a few thousands years old. It is Breath of Fire using the 7 chakras. I learned this technique in kundalini class over the years. In this practice, one raises their arms and hands straight up and to the side to open the chest and heart chakra while inflating and deflating the lungs.  As I always enjoy being creative in my practices I integrate it into my 7 chakras going up from the first chakra at the bottom to the seventh chakra at the top and back down from the top to the first chakra at the bottom. With each breath I pump the diaphragm, expanding and contracting it using lower abdominal breathing.

 It instantly heats me up because this breath brings more oxygen in the blood which increases the energy to create the warmth in the body.  Try it yourself to see wonderful results. With these breathing techniques I feel I have a better chance to live longer and my insight is that the last breath before death won’t be a struggle with the lack of air, but will be smooth as my body slips into a peaceful sleep. Thus I can return to my source harmoniously and will wake up again happy and vibrant.

Kaneko Shiatsu Anma 

Speaking about the breath, Kaneko Shiatsu Anma is great for guiding the abdominal breath while a Shiatsu-Anma therapist presses along your spine in a prone position. When the pressure is being applied for a longer time, it’s a chance to continue exhaling. This rhythm of abdominal breathing which includes a short inhalation and longer exhalation is the key factor to shift your tension to tranquility. Your body’s natural tranquilizers immediately start to work as your system shifts from tension to relaxation.

 We recommend Shiatsu-Anma to help ease the stress of the pandemic with each other at home. Therefore we are starting a series of shiatsu anma practices and one of the most powerful sequences is having a treatment along the spine. Please join us to learn pressure points and how to use them for a variety of everyday issues.

Reconnected and Recommending

Everyone loves good news as much as our DNA does. Most recently, Barbara Goldschmidt, an author, researcher and licensed massage therapist found me online and we had a nice conversation. I learned that she graduated from my school. She and her colleague published the book, Comforting Touch in Dementia and End of Life Care.  She has taught at health care facilities, community centers and in the massage therapy program at Swedish Institute: A College of Health Sciences in New York City. She has been active in the field of integrative health care for over 30 years.

 I am proud of Barbara who has devoted her life to help people in deep need of understanding and love through touch and massage. Touch and massage is very essential for those who are hopeless, grieving, in pain, and lonely. She opened up the divine light to both giver and receiver. Thank you for your great achievement, Barbara. It will keep inspiring and guiding people to divine light. We love good causes.  We want to support you.

Graduate Stories

Each newsletter we would like to feature a graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California. If you graduated SMSC and would like to be featured in our newsletter please submit the year you graduated, what programs you took, your experience with SMSC and shiatsu and your current endeavors. Send your email to info@kanekohealingarts.com for consideration. We hope to hear your stories, reconnect with and support you in the healing industry.


Due to the pandemic shipments to countries outside of the United States may be limited and therefore prices may be much higher than normal. Before placing an order for outside the U.S. please contact us for an estimate on shipping prices.

Get Your Blood and Qi Flowing for Great Energy!

According to Dr. Kaneko’s 40 years of his clinical experience of energetic medicine, it is very important to be aware of your own healing powers and to access your pharmacy within. This happens when you faithfully believe in your healing system.

“Healing is believing” in the invisible light of Qi. In this Daoyin and Qigong therapy you will explore the divine lights and unlimited electromagnetic fields based on traditional Chinese medicine and Kaneko Sensei’s original practices. To learn more about this DVD click here. For the digital version click here. 

Learn the Healing Pressure Therapy Techniques from a Grandmaster!

This textbook was used at the former Shiatsu Massage School of CA to teach hundreds of students. One of the best-detailed textbooks for Japanese style Anma & Shiatsu practice for the beginner, Dr. Kaneko continues to use it with his current students. Click here for more info or get the PDF version here.

Teach your kids how to tap into their own innate healing abilities with
Music Hands and Monkey Business!

Have fun, relax, and slow down by practicing two fun and stress-reducing exercises tailored for kids and parents. Dr. Kaneko, acupuncturist and master of Shiatsu-Anma therapy, shares his prescription for laughing with “Monkey Business” and relaxing with “Music Hands”.

In Music Hands, children will get a chance to learn a few of the simple and fun healing techniques of shiatsu-anma, which they can practice on their parents or family members. A popular American children’s tune guides you through each hand movement. This Japanese tradition is educational and therapeutic for the whole family.  To learn more about this DVD click here. For the digital version click here.

Teach your kids about kindness towards parents
and others through this story about love & filial piety.

This companion book to the DVD will inspire children from ages 5-10 to relate to parents and grandparents through “music hands”. Here we deal with the timely issues of family values, healing arts, peaceful society and happiness in this fairytale children’s book, which is based on the Bamboo Cutter’s Tale. I combine ancient Buddhist philosophy with a whimsical story to teach children the importance of caring for their elders and striving for a peaceful world. To learn more about this DVD click here.


We also carry these items in digital format!

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