Music Hands & Monkey Business DVD (2016) – $14.99
Running time: 10 minutes


Have fun, relax, and slow down by practicing two fun and stress-reducing exercises tailored for kids and parents. Dr. Kaneko, acupuncturist and master of Shiatsu-Anma therapy, shares his prescription for laughing with “Monkey Business” and relaxing with “Music Hands”.

In the first section, Monkey Business, kids and parents will get to monkey around through exercise and laughter. Not only is laughter good for the body and mind, but laughter can also strengthen relationships and promote family bonds. Bring more laughter and play into your life for more joy and vitality!

In the second section, Music Hands, children will get a chance to learn a few of the simple and fun healing techniques of shiatsu-anma, which they can practice on their parents or family members. A popular American children’s tune guides you through each hand movement. This Japanese tradition is educational and therapeutic for the whole family. Parents will sigh with relief as muscle tension from the neck, shoulder and back melt away! At the same time, children can start to cultivate and see their own innate healing abilities at work. This simple act of kindness is a great way to show love and gratitude to parents. Healing hands and a loving heart are a powerful combination. What a great way to bring families together!

The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man – $15.99

Dr. Kaneko had a vision to integrate the fundamental background of his parents’ eastern medicine – the healing arts of Buddhist Medicine’s Japanese family tradition of Oyakoko (filial compassion) in the form of kata tataki (shoulder tapping), and the “E.T.” style movie story with Taketori Monogatari of children’s folklore (The Bamboo Cutter’s tale).

This book will inspire children from ages 5-10 how to relate to parents and grandparents through “music hands”. Here we deal with the timely issues of family values, healing arts, peaceful society and happiness int his new fairytale children’s book, The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man: Based on the Bamboo Cutter’s Tale (published by AuthorHouse).

DoAnn T. Kaneko combines ancient Buddhist philosophy with a whimsical story to teach children the importance of caring for their elders and striving for a peaceful world.

Brightly illustrated and whimsical, The Bamboo Princess and the Music Hands Man teaches an important lesson about the magic of the healing arts. “We can all benefit from music hands,” Kaneko writes. “Kind children can help their parents to enjoy the experience of peace and healing. This is the best gift of all.”

DoAnn’s ChiGong – Healing Ourselves – $19.99
Running time: 1 hour

Qigong DVD cover-smlr

According to Dr. Kaneko’s 40 years of history and his clinical experience of energetic medicine, it is very important to be aware of your own healing powers and to access your pharmacies within. This happens when you believe your healing system with faith.

“Healing is believing” in the invisible light of Qi. In this Daoyin and Qigong therapy you will explore the divine lights and unlimited electromagnetic fields based on traditional Chinese medicine and Kaneko Sensei’s original practices.

In this vital health video of 9 exercises, you will learn how to achieve homeostasis – the balance between yin and yang – as you become educated in the following: Nentan alchemy breathing

*Nentan alchemy breathing
*Baduanjin (8 Silk movements)
*Transformation of the Tree Qigong

This QiGong exercise video includes a 9 page detailed image-based chart of all points associated to the movements covered in this informative video. Enjoy this DVD at home with friends and family. Available in Blu-Ray ($24.99)

Shiatsu Anma Therapy: DoAnn’s Short and Long Forms – $44.99 

One of the best-detailed textbooks for Japanese style Anma & Shiatsu practice for beginners. This is a well designed and beautiful book with color anatomy, meridian charts and actual practice diagrams in a highly effective sequence. Here you have complete instruction for the entire body utilizing three postures, and incorporating dozens of techniques.

This textbook is based on powerful traditional Chinese medicine & Japanese style application as well as modern science. The book has detailed instructions for safe & effective practice. It is easy to learn for beginners at home, families, friends, couples and clients. This book also presents informed guidance for all and is a great resource for instructors/teachers. Dr. Kaneko’s techniques are designed to achieve amazing results for the body and mind as a whole, centered on treating the source of the imbalance.

An abundance of information will assist common pain complaints such as sports injuries as well as emotional imbalances and environmentally related issues. These techniques have been practiced through the Shiatsu Massage School Of California for over 25 years and have demonstrated reliable results.

 Meridian Massage Therapy / DoAnn’s Long Form (DVD) – $19.99
Running time: 1 hour

You will learn how to improve four very common conditions situated in the head, neck & shoulders, back, and abdomen – using approximately one third of the entire acupuncture points (365). The Long Form focuses on the root of the energy blocks which are along the spine and the abdomen. Enjoy practicing with an excellent narration.

Anma and Shiatsu Therapy heals naturally. This is what Dr. Kaneko taught at the Shiatsu Massage School of California, which he founded in Santa Monica, California in 1982. He is sharing his wisdom and compassion with as many people as he can reach through the means of this DVD. With unique dexterity and awareness he demonstrates the techniques of Shiatsu-Anma massage therapy. This one hour DVD is almost an exact replica of a complete Anma meridian Massage.

We will be able to improve four very common conditions, situated in the head, neck & shoulders, back, and abdomen, using approximately one third of the entire acupuncture points (365). The Long Form focuses on the root of the energy blocks which are along the spine and the abdomen. Thus we treat the sources of pain and sickness.

Please enjoy his artistic and powerful approach using the vital life force of qi with a mix of soft background music and precise, soothing narration. Dear friends, let us pray that compassion and wisdom prevail thoughout our families and the whole world so that many are freed from ailments and suffering and are blessed by divine consciousness.

Anma Meridian Massage Therapy and Shiatsu Pressure Therapy (DVD) – $19.99
Running time: 45 minutes

This DVD will include how to release toxicities in the abdomen, another popular side posture sequence, advanced various pressure techniques and more neck & shoulder treatments in the sitting position. Thus you can treat common complaints with more results.

This DVD will teach you several subjects:

*Ampuku, abdominal Anma Massage Therapy

*Side posture sequence of Anma and Shiatsu therapy

*Additional Shiatsu pressure techniques

*Sitting Anma therapy

Dr. Kaneko introduces two Anpuku Styles practiced today in Japan. Shinsai Ota’s 13 techniques from his classic, The Illustration of Anpuku ( Anpukuzukai ) and Goto School’s Anpuku. These methods are not just for gastrointestinal health but also for the general wellbeing of our immune system through manual detoxification based on the energetic system. Indeed Anpuku therapy includes the respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive and excretory system as well.

Side posture is very instrumental for those who have neck & shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, and sinus issues. It includes additional stretching exercises. It is also very helpful for pregnant women and obese people. We learn another 20 minute sequence of Anma and Shiatsu therapy with additional meridians and pressure acupuncture points.

Pressure techniques were developed from traditional Anma therapy from China where Anma is called Anmo or Tuina. The arts of pressure techniques have been introduced in Shiatsu therapy in Japan and is deeply cultivated into various applications such as two-step pressure, three-step pressure, continual pressure, or vibratory pressure, quick pressure and suction like negative pressure. In Anma therapy long form, only two pressure techniques are introduced: ordinary pressure and intermittent pressure. Shiatsu therapy focuses on only pressure, exercises and Kyosei-stretching techniques but it does not limit results when you apply these effective pressure techniques according to various conditions.

Neck & shoulder conditions such as pains and limited R.O.M. (Range Of Motion) and back ailments are our daily concerns. Dr. Kaneko demonstrates these many effective exercises and Kyousei stretching for the popular complaints for today’s computer age. There are advanced techniques we need to pay attention to. Please be well-trained before applying these methods.

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Have you always been interested in learning about pressure points and meridian lines or do you want to brush up on your Shiatsu-Anma? Join us for this uniqe opportunity to learn from a Grandmaster and second generation Shiatsu-Anma therapist, shiatsu pioneer in the U.S. and in the field for more than 50 years!

Kaneko Shiatsu Anma therapy is an effective combination of kneading and pressure therapy using meridian lines and acupuncture points. Shiatsu, which means  finger pressure, came from Japan over 100 years ago. Anma, which is “pressure soothing” and in practice includes kneading, came from China a few thousand years ago. Meridian lines are energy channels that circulate qi and blood throughout the body. Pressure points, or tsubo, in Japanese are line tuning points that assess energy flow, and will tell you whether energy is flowing or blocked, as well as in excess or deficiency. When there is a blockage of energy flow it can lead to health imbalances. In releasing blockages you regulate the body’s metabolism and homeostasis which benefit the tissue and cells. The benefit of Kaneko Shiatsu Anma is that it treats the person as a whole, integrating body, mind and spirit. It provides therapy for chronic, degenerative, and constitutional conditions, as well as stress management, anti-aging and immune boosting purposes. Treatments also are provided at the local areas for pain conditions. 

We are offering a 7 class series that will be held on the every other Saturday starting on July 23, 2022. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma is beneficial for professionals and laymen alike. This series of classes will cover Dr. Kaneko’s DoAnn Long Form, a way to balance the whole body in a one hour treatment session. Each class will cover different parts of the body in order. There will be a review from the previous classes as each area is covered and at the end participants will understand the entire form.  

Grandmaster Dr. DoAnn Kaneko and Alan Saruwatari, a former graduate Dr. Kaneko’s Shiatsu Massage School of California will be teaching these classes. Dr. Kaneko has taught thousands of students since the founding of his former school and healed a variety of ailments with this powerful therapy.

Join us and learn from his expertise these unique healing methods to benefit you clients, family, friends and yourself. Kaneko Shiatsu Anma  has proven to be a powerful therapy that can compliment and enhance many other healing modalities.

Hybrid Class: In-person and through Zoom.
Students will receive a Zoom link 1 week before class when we confirm everyone’s attendance.
DATE: July 23, Aug 6, Aug 20, Sept 3, Sept 17, Oct 1, Oct 15– Oct 9, (every other Saturday).
TIME: 9am-5pm, (Lunch 12-1pm), Pacific Standard Time
PLACE: Kaizen Dojo Martial Arts & Self Defense, 1824 W 182nd St, Torrance, CA 90504
EARLY BIRD: Until July 11, $435 ($15 off)
COST: Package $450, Individual classes $80
REGISTRATION: Go here to register.