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Pain Series – Lower and Upper Extremities

People complain of pain often caused by occupational injuries,  chronic conditions, sports related injuries,  and wrong postural management in daily activities such as driving and sitting. Pain can also be manifested through age related issues such as degenerated disks, osteoporosis, deformation of joints and spine, as well as stress, emotional, and mental issues. Pain and problems can be found in the viscera-muscle reflex , for example, right shoulder and neck tension as well as  in the energetic system conditions of the Gall Bladder, Liver, right Lung, or right Kidney. Meantime left sided neck & shoulder pain can be manifested from the left Lung, Stomach and left Kidney ailments.

We need to differentiate between either Neuro-muscular system issues or viscera related energetic system issues. Sometimes both conditions overlap. We need to understand an effective way to monitor it through developing a comprehensive questionnaire for each patient.

Shiatsu anma therapy is very effective for pain release and helps improve misalignment through numerous applications not only by pressure therapy but also a cross-fiber technique, rubbing with ointment technique, tapping technique, decompressing- traction techniques, joint mobilization techniques, and more. However this class does not apply any chiropractic adjustments.

It is very obvious and fundamental to remove the source of problems before or along with treating the symptoms. It often requires continuous efforts at home after the Shiatsu-Anma sessions through resting, effective stretches, muscle strengthening, heating or icing, and energy work such as qigong, yoga, daoyin, and taichi. Transssage is an excellent guided meditation for pain due to mental, emotional and stress inducing factors.

Our goal in these pain series workshops is very simple; get the qi, blood, lymph and spinal fluid moving into the local pain site and its cellular space. It is a matter of improving circulation as well as proper alignment in the structure, its flexibility, and muscle tone. Various Shiatsu and Anma techniques provide excellent healing tools to achieve ones healing goal.


Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to explain the nature of pain and locate the site of pain.
Students will be able to list the major symptomatology of tension, spasms, numbness, discomfort, and ROM
Students will be able to list the etiology of the cause or source of the pain
Students will be able to demonstrate the basic orthopedic evaluation and able to read dermatome charts
Students will be able to learn how to deal with pain at their client’s home through effective, safe stretching and exercises.

Location: Camera Obscura, 1450 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA
Cost: $165 for each day. $20 discount if signing up for 2 days, $310.
Date: Saturdays, March 7 & March 14
Time: 9AM – 5PM

Register at smgov.net/reserve or call the City of SM Community Classes center at 310-458-2239.
You can also follow the direct links below:
March 7: Lower Extremities  https://tinyurl.com/wsneplv
March 14: Upper Extremities  https://tinyurl.com/rawo7gq
March 7 & 14 https://tinyurl.com/yx6qv4ax

For questions, email shindospirit@gmail.com

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