What is Qi ?

Qi is the phenomena of invisible high frequency light waves. The source of our qi comes from the vital force of the great universe’s macrocosmic consciousness. This divine macrocosmic consciousness created humans with multidimensional body layers of subtle energy. These layers, or conscious bodies, from highest to lowest vibrational frequency, are the karmic, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, and finally the visible and tangible physical body.

Qi, or vital force, is guided through invisible pathways or meridians in the etheric conscious body. Qi regulates bodily changes from growth, healing, the metabolism, immune system, and maintenance of homeostasis. The etheric conscious body that houses qi, is also a holographic energy field, and influences the genetic process.


What is called qi, is the microcosmic life force that is the aggregation of all great cosmic energy of divine light. The life force is defined and regulated by the multidimensional conscious bodies. As you cultivate and develop a healthy and strong qi, there are great possibilities of changing the expression of the genetic code. A happy and healthy life is most definitely possible beyond what the info our DNA holds when you practice energy work like Qigong, yoga, meditation, and prayers with a proactive mind and faith.

The great cosmic consciousness can trigger numerous miracles such as perpetuating the circulation of qi in the human body, just as easily as it propels the earth to orbit the sun. Our life force is defined by unlimited factors in the great universe and the universe within.

What is Qigong and Daoyin?

Qigong and Daoyin are a couple of the traditional eastern practices that cultivate qi. They were  developed sometime in the 2nd century of the later part of the Han Dynasty when Master Hua Tuo introduced the Five Animal Movements in China. Illustrations of Qigong practice were found as far back as 600 B.C. from the Zhou dynasty. These energy works draw upon the same foundation of Traditional Chinese medicine.

Qi means vital force and gong means strengthening and empowering. Qigong signifies strengthening the vital force for healing, maintaining good health, and preventing sickness to slow down aging.

Dao means guiding, leading & directing. Yin means pulling in, bringing in, and withdrawing.  Daoyin signifies bringing in cosmic qi and guiding it into the energetic system.

These two practices involve abdominal breathing by expanding and contracting the abdomen.  With each nasal inhalation cosmic energy is pulled into the body and each mouth exhalation guides the energy through the energetic system. This is beneficial to promote circulation of the qi and blood, maintain a healthy metabolism, and promote homeostasis.   

DoAnn’s Baduanjin Qigong

There are many forms of Qigong. However, DoAnn’s Baduanjin is different from the other styles of Baduanjin for the following reasons. Firstly, the meditation and breathing techniques used are entirely based on the energetic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. Secondly, mantras of prayer are used to develop a strong faith in oneness with the universe.  Thirdly, these exercises are coordinated with:

  • acupuncture points
  • meridians of the energetic system
  • vigorous abdominal breath
  • proactive visualization
  • a concentration and connection to the superpower
    • this superpower, is the dormant potential qi that is unlimited and enables us to engage in life phenomena on a higher level

These elements are what makes DoAnn’s Qigong unique to other styles of Qigong.

Practicing DoAnn’s Baduanjin Qigong


Baduanjin, a medical type of Qigong, is also known as the Eight Silk movements. In Baduanjin practice you are either stretching the meridians or pathways of qi, pressing the acupuncture points, or rotating the body with Dantian breathing while making specific healing sounds. These activities conducted together, stimulate respective organs and open the flow of qi and blood. As an immediate result of practicing this Baduanjin, your body also sends a proactive message to the DNA to turn on healthy information within the DNA making you feel cleansed and vitalized.

Here are the 8 silk movements covered in the future blogs:

  1. Triple Heater
  2. Lung Treatment
  3. Large Intestine & Stomach
  4. Five Element Treatment
  5. Heart Treatment
  6. Kidney Treatment
  7. Pericardium or Heart Constrictor
  8. Treatment for a Hundred Kinds of Diseases

Quantum Medicine

Quantum medicine, a type of energy medicine, works with the body’s subtle energetic system , which has 6 energetic layers, or conscious bodies, to promote healing. Every cell that makes up the body has a certain vibrational frequency which can be altered.  When the body is unhealthy, for example due to stress, its vibrational frequency will also be lower and the energy flow will become stagnated. This can cause numerous health disorders.

Conversely, a proactive and positive mind can control inflammation and the growth of tumor cells ands and toxic matter. With the help of quantum healing methods such as qigong, daily meditation and faith healing, stress levels are lowered. Therefore, normal physiology is restored and your body is able to control toxic matters. Through the body-mind connection and application of various forms of energy and frequencies people can remove energetic blockages and allow their energy to vibrate at their normal higher frequency.

These findings are reported by Bruce Tainio and Dr. Richard Gerber, a groundbreaking researcher on vibrational medicine. Dr. Richard Gerber concludes that qi and matter are interconvertible and interchangeable. Another pioneer in quantum medicine, Deepak Chopra, echoes this idea with his theory on quantum medicine. Deepak had a sharp observation of the phenomena of energy transformation between thought and the chemical chain reaction of neuropeptides. Physicists discovered that after subdividing DNA into electrons, protons and smaller particles, there was nothing further to divide. There was no matter or energy. This was  the realm of quantum phenomena. However, Chopra delved further into this realm and focused on the body’s neuropeptide abilities to immediately respond to the mind’s thoughts on a quantum level, therefore affecting the body.

In practicing quantum medicine, your body, mind and spirit can return to harmony. A peaceful, happy state of being and have the opportunity to reach eternal cosmic consciousness, which is the highest vibrational state, can be achieved. Quantum medicine has the power to bring you closer to your higher self.

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