Mission Statement

To teach parents and communities how to cultivate an individual’s innate healing abilities for health, happiness, peace, family unity, and the improvement of children’s lives.

At Shindo Spirit we integrate Eastern healing modalities such as energetic medicine and Lotus Faith Healing Medicine, with Western health modalities, for all ages and for optimal health.

Our goal

Our goal is to educate people of all ages on alternative and natural ways to prevent disease, to heal naturally, and to age gracefully. We also aim to build a compassionate community and society whose individuals take care of each other.


Kids and Healing


Cause and effect is the principle of Lotus Faith Healing Medicine and underlies the law of the universe. When we want to heal ourselves we need to be able to serve the needs of  others. Healing ourselves works better when we can help those around us. Most importantly we need to help children who need care and love.

Shindo Spirit aims to promote the concept of healing and healing education at home. We also want to help the healthy development of children under safe and loving learning environments. Because of the benefits of the healing arts, it is important to help children cultivate kindness, gentleness, politeness and compassion for others as early as possible. The following are some of the benefits of children who learn to cultivate their own healing modalities.

  • Kids are empowered to take their health into their own hands when growing up into adulthood.
  • They can help provide healing for their parents and family members.
  • Practicing on parents can help children develop compassion and build stronger bonds with their parents

“Skinship” in Japan and Korea, which is closeness between mother and child, is one of the basic but fundamental communications in the family. We support skinship with children and for this reason have incorporated activities that children can practice with their parents. These methods are very natural, safe and fun to practice together. They can also be a simple but meaningful addition to family activities.

Tapping like musicians, laughing like monkeys,  shaking the body like goldfish, rubbing the skin like washing, easy stances of Chigong like the tree, sunflower, and apple, are powerful healing tools for children and parents. These practices are below:

  • Music hands
  • Monkey business
  • the Goldfish
  • Sole to Sole
  • Chigong

Eastern Healing Arts – Healing Paradigm

energy body

As we develop into a modern high-tech lifestyle we face a greater need for the holistic healing arts and a healthy lifestyle. Eastern healing arts uses a subtle but powerful energetic life force which not only treats a person’s weaknesses or missing element, but also integrates a person’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects for wellbeing. Taichi, ChiGong, Daoyin, Shiatsu-Anma, meditation and many other traditional practices including medicinal foods and herbs can benefit the whole family, both young and old.

About Us

Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko is the founder of Shindo Spirit and is dedicated to creating better health and a more peaceful world by educating people and children about Eastern/Quantum healing and Lotus Faith Healing medicine.

He is an author, lecturer, acupuncturist, shiatsu-anma therapist, and doctor in oriental medicine who has more than 40 years experience teaching the healing arts. He recently completed the DVD, The Music Hands Man & Monkey Business, which implements his idea of family education and promotes living in an artistic, compassionate and organic environment, in contrast to the materialistic and high-tech environment we live in.

To read more about Dr. Kaneko, click here.

Blog Content

Our blogs, which include vlogs, will be released regularly. Some of the topics we’ll be covering  are below. We will add more as we grow.

  •      Eastern Healing Modalities
    •    Dayoin
    •    Chigong
    •     Taichi-gong
    •    Foot & calf massage therapy
  •      Western Health Modalities
    • Stretches/floorwork
    • Aerobic exercise
    • Anaerobic exercises
  •     Mind, Body, Medicine
    • Laughter
    • Breathing
    • Lotus Faith Healing medicine
    • Medicinal foods
  •      Healing Others
    • Healing with Music Hands
    • DoAnn’s short & long form
    • Transssage
    • Palm Healing


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  • Lauren

    Shindo Spirit is wonderful! I’m excited to follow and stay inspired. Thank you!

    • Ariya

      We’re so glad you like it Lauren. Thanks for dropping by!


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