Learn how to strengthen your immune system through natural healing techniques. Dr. Kaneko, a doctor of Chinese medicine and healing practitioner for over 50 years, will share his knowledge and experience through applicable techniques and theory. This online series of 3 classes is  based upon the integration of energetic and quantum medicine. Each class will be 2 hours long.

Class I - Sept 5

Lecture: The Immune System According to Eastern Medicine

*Changing your constitution to boost your immune system * Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit * Three realms of your microcosm * Healing Paradigm – 1

Practice * Pelvic Floor Exercise * Daoyin 1- Healthy Metabolism * Qigong 1 – For Kidney and Heart * Dantian Breathing 1- Faith Healing and Chakra

Class 2 - Sept 12

Lecture: The Immune System According to Western Medicine

* Our immune system response * Intestinal battlefield * Healing paradigm – 2

Practice * Pelvic Floor Exercise * Daoyin 2 – Strengthening Two Master Channels * Qigong 2 – For Triple Heater and Lung * Dantian Breathing 2 – Taoist Way

Class 3 - Sept 19

Lecture: Integrating Medicine/Dr. Kaneko’s Healing Paradigm 
* Healing Paradigm – 3
* Additional ways to boost your Qi
* Medicinal food and eating habits

* Pelvic floor exercises 4 ways – 3
* Daoyin 3 – Shaking, Squatting, Scrubbing
* Qigong 3 – Large Intestine & Stomach, 5 elements

* Breathing 3, Guided meditation.

Dates: Sundays Sept 5, 12th & 19th
Time: 10am-12pm Pacific Standard Time
Fee: Early bird special: up to Aug 30, $125 for 3 days.
Otherwise: 1 day $70, 2 days $120, 3 days $150 (after Aug 30th)
to register: For all 3 classes Thursday, Sept 2nd
To register, send a paypal payment to info@kanekohealingarts.com
If registering for individual classes, see deadlines below:
Class #1 : Thursday, Sept 2
Class #2: Thursday, Sept 9
Class #3: Thursday, Sept 16

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Start the new year learning whole body energetic balancing! Registration is now open!
Learn one of the most effective healing modalities, Kaneko Shiatsu Anma Therapy. An integration of both a Japanese & ancient Chinese modality, each class will cover different parts of the body with a review from the previous classes.
🍁Who is this class for?
*Lay people
*Massage Therapists
*Physical Therapists
*Occupational Therapists
🍁Students will learn
*The sequence of the DoAnn Long Form section by section
*To identify 12 meridians and 100 pressure points
*3 basic techniques and 7 additional techniques
*Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Anma theory and practice
🍁January 9-11 & 23-25
9am-6pm, Pacific Standard Time
Online through Zoom and in person location to be announced
Early Bird: Until December 23, $435
($15 off), after December 23, $450,
Individual class $80
🍁Register at this link: