My Personal 2018 Year in Review

This year of the Dog gave me opportunities to keep running with my projects!

I also continued my SGI Buddhism practice and it is encouraging to pursue wisdom for enlightenment, enlightenment for compassion, and compassion for unconditional happiness & peace with my Santa Monica group which includes Junko, Joe, Masaki and Pam with my busy schedule. Please visit SGI’s website for more info.

In addition to this, I joined the Los Angeles Rinri Houjinkai, which meets every Wednesday morning at 6:30 in Torrance. It’s a wonderful movement of carrying on the Japanese traditional and ethical practices for both businesses and family. This movement shares my same goal for family happiness. Please visit https://CArinri.com/ for more info.

I visited Hawaii for the 59th Convention of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad earlier this year where they celebrated 150 years of Japanese immigrants. They also celebrated a 110 year anniversary event of Japanese immigrants in Sao Paulo. I am proud of these Japanese ancestors abroad who survived hardships and did not forget to plant the beautiful Japanese culture overseas. Their courage and passion to seek a better future outside of the small island of Japan is admirable. They are ancestral treasures.

In March, we participated in the yearly Love to Nippon event for a memorial ceremony so that victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan’s Tohoku region would be remembered and receive support for their future. Our Shiatsu Association members worked hard and raised $220 which we donated to this organization. We will do it again next March, so please join us!

In October I had the opportunity to conduct an advanced Shiatsu & Anma therapy class & Qigong at the CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic in Minneapolis, which was founded by Cari Johnson.  She is one of our honorable graduates and a bright educator in the healing world. Another talented healer Mark Duhamel, who is also a graduate from our school came from Washington state to assist the class as usual. We had a great time!

Because I was recently approved by the state to provide continuing education for licensed therapists, in September, I provided a semi-private advanced class for Gwinn Ioka and her team therapists. Gwinn is a marvelous healer who is organizing a healing center in LA called Opurea. I am also extensively continuing to teach next year at the wonderful healing center of IPSB. See below for my current class schedule.

***Holiday Special***

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2019 Classes with Dr. Kaneko

*Shiatsu Anma Therapy – Intro
IPSB School of Massage at Life Energy Institute

3 Day class: Jan 11, 12, 13
3 Day class: April 28, May 5, 19
To sign up call: IPSB at 310-342-7130

*Shiatsu Anma Therapy – Headaches & Lower Extremities
In Pacific Palisades
2 Day weekend workshop –  7 CE’s each day

May (Date TBD)

*Shiatsu Anma Instructor’s Certification program
In Pacific Palisades
2 Day workshop
Date TBD – Currently gathering interested students.
Please email me if you’re interested in
attending next year so I can schedule a date.

Holiday Tips for Healthier Eating

This is the season when we perhaps spoil ourselves with rich foods of meats, dairy, processed foods, sweets, and alcoholic drinks. We tell ourselves it’s OK once in a while as a social event. Indeed through our social gatherings, we have a great opportunity to enjoy the support of friends and family and ease our stressful burdens. But let’s remember, moderation is your best friend.

Tips at the Holiday Table

1. Before a meal pray to the divine (whoever that may be for you) that your meal enhances your health, and that you won’t overindulge and overburden your body.

2. At the beginning of a meal, drink some water to prevent dehydration. If you have to wait for a meal and want to drink alcohol, have some hors-d’oeuvres such as vegetable or protein before you drink. It will ease the alcohol absorption directly into the digestive system.

3. Enjoy eating until you’re 70% full while chewing your food thoroughly before dessert. After the start of eating, it takes 20 minutes for brain signals to signal that you’re full. So make sure you take your time to eat, so your body can tell you if you have enough room for more.

4. If you want to enjoy your favorite meal, eat a smaller portion. For example, 1 slice of prime rib or ham instead of 2.

5. Try to consume as little sweets as possible – just enough to have your sweet craving satisfied.

6. After you finished your meals, rehydrate by drinking some more water so that your stomach is 80% full.

7. At the start of a meal, nibble on some raw ginger, take a digestive enzyme, or chew gum after a meal to aid with digestion.

*There is a traditional Taoist tongue exercise to increase the saliva in the mouth. These wise healers knew that saliva is medicine for digestion and every day stamina. You can find this exercise included in my upcoming Doin video. More on that later.

1. With your mouth open, rotate your tongue clockwise inside your mouth 9 times. Repeat again counterclockwise.

2. Then close your mouth and rotate the tongue inside your mouth clockwise, then counterclockwise.

3. Then stick out your tongue and downwards, then to one side of the mouth, and then to the other.

After the Holiday Meal

1. Sleep well on a non-full stomach. Spend a couple of hours being moderately active after a meal, like taking a light walk. Or at least 30 minutes after eating, try a light goldfish shaking exercise before going to bed.

2. Practice abdominal massage: Rotate your palm on your abdomen with medium pressure 108 times clockwise.

3. You can press St. 36 about 4 finger widths below and outside of the kneecap 3-5 times, for 5 seconds each to also aid in digestion.

The Day After the Holiday Meal

1. Keep drinking water (8 cups a day). Urinate frequently. Avoid caffeine that dehydrates your system.

2. Incorporate more exercise and sweat more daily, or go to an infrared sauna. If you’re not able to do either, at least incorporate 30 minutes, or preferably 1 hour of walking daily.

3. Morning breakfast can be just a smoothie with dark greens like kale, while adding lemon and garlic.

4. A half day fast to keep the digestive system free of foods for 16 hours can be helpful to not only cleanse the system but also to boost your immune power.

 So please avoid overindulging by being prepared and ready to hit the control buttons!

Upcoming Doin Video

I’ve waited a long time to produce this and I’m excited that it will soon be here! In my upcoming video you’ll be taught a combination of breathing, stretching exercises, and several self-applicable vital pressure points for major complaints that I have been teaching for decades. There are about 15 movements plus many kinds of self-healing techniques including the Goldfish exercise and stance. Doin is effective for anti-aging and boosting your immune system and as you practice it every day, you’ll find it more valuable. Stay tuned for details on the release of the video.

A few months ago we received this message from my friend, peace activist and photographer, the late Richard Fukuhara, who recently passed away. He requested us send this to our city officials, religious institutions, and the Nagasaki and Hiroshima mayors.

“Dear Friends,

Please encourage fellow citizens, families, city mayors and officials, and clergy from all faiths to join the 2020 “Bells for Peace” Campaign to Unite the World for Peace.


On August 6, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, all Olympic Village video screens to be tuned to the 75th Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Anniversary Ceremony. At exactly 8:15 am, the time the atomic bomb nicknamed “Little Boy” exploded over Hiroshima in 1945, every church, temple and shrine bell,  ring throughout Japan, and simultaneously bells ring around the world to acknowledge a moment of remembrance, reflection, hope and prayers for World Peace. The NHK TV feed is sent around the World.

At 11:02 am, on August 9, 2020, during the last day of the Tokyo Olympics, the exact time “Fat Man” exploded over Nagasaki, every church, temple and shrine bell,  rings throughout Japan, and simultaneously bells ring around the world to acknowledge a moment of remembrance, reflection, hope and prayers for World Peace. The NHK TV feed is sent around the World.”

This would be a very special message of peace and a tribute to all the lives lost in the bombs. As you may know, our goal is also to involve Music Hands as a message of peace, in the Olympic ceremonies. We will send further news in the next newsletter regarding both these efforts but please contact me if you want to know more details about the above proposal.

Massage Therapists Wanted

Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica is looking for therapists!
Please call Tikkun Holistic Spa and ask for Pam:  (310) 319-1111
Also treat yourself, a friend, or family member to Tikkun Holistic Spa!
More December discounts available. Click here for more.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about pain control methods through isometric exercises, visit here, to learn about a Japanese pain control method called Sotai – Ho. Website is in Japanese.

Have a wonderful, joyful and happy holidays!  

Mt Fuji pic: https://www.thoughtco.com/climbing-facts-about-mount-fuji-755935

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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